Ginormous Primark Haul part 1

Hello dear readers and subbies,

Welcome back to Today’s post is dedicated to fashion, and is way overdue.  Two months ago I went to the Primark in Zaandam. Can you imagine going to the Primark and not even wearing this stuff yet  Or even worse not showing you this !

I went on Memorial day/Whit Monday or for the Dutch, Tweede Pinkterdag. One word of advise don’t go shopping on that day! It seemed like the whole Dutch population went to the Primark. It was so crowded it was hard to walk in there. However I manged to buy two full bags  of clothing!

Because this Primark haul was huge I will split  this up in several parts. So lets go through my clothing goodies.

  • Summer dress . I love the pattern on this dress and find it Moroccan inspired.SONY DSCI
  • Light Jeans vest . I love this and you can combine it with a lot of items. See it combined with the summer dress below.

  • Short sleeved fuchsia blouse with a gold zipper

  • Box/ of the shoulder blouse. Also very Moroccan inspired and I love it that you can wear it two ways. Like a box top and of the shoulder.

So please like , if you enjoyed this dedicated fashion haul and be prepared for some more clothing goodies. Until next time readers and if you want ,follow me on or on BlogLovin. And if you missed my last post, click here.

Have  a good weekend guys!


Kim ( Thumbelinaslifestyle)

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