My 4 day visit to Nice part 1

Hey everybody, dear readers and subbies,

As I already hinted to you guys in my last post, I had a little mini break. And as you might read from the post title I went to Nice in the south of France. All I can say I had a marvelous time it is so glam and classic looking at the same time. Nothing feels better than glorious sun on your skin knowing that it is raining in the Netherlands.

Who knew there is such a beautiful and hip spot, just  a two hour flight away.Just be sure when you go to Nice is to bring your wallet. Overal it is is quite expensive eating out and having drinks is expensive. And here I am complaining that the Netherlands is expensive. But let me some photo’s of the places I visited.

So this is the viewing point in Ville France Its also its notoriously known where Princes Grace Kelly had her fatal car crash. Besides this tragic experience in history this view point has stunning views shown below.

On a family outing we went to Vila et Jardin Ephrussi Rothschild. You can tour this beautiful villa and stunning 4 gardens for 13 euros. And its definitely worth your money.

Just a few snap picks here

Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this post and if  you want to read and see more from Nice checkout my upcoming post. For more updates regarding beauty,fashion follow me via or BlogLovin. Until next post readers.



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