Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel Gentle Kiss

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbs nails of the week. Today I am sharing a little post about Rimmels Gentle Kiss polish and I will share some thoughts on this polish.

I bought this polish about 3 weeks ago and if you want to read about this haul click here. To be honest my review will not be as positive as my love for Sensual Spice.

Personally my negative feelings towards this polish started because the quality of this polish is not the same as the Sensual Spice polish.This polish went on really streaky and it took several attempts to make it look half descent. So that was very infuriating.


The two good things about this polish are the longevity and the colour.I have been wearing this polish now for 6 days and currently I am seeing minimal chipping. Even though these are two very important things the quality just ruined it for me.


On that sad tone, it concludes my post. I hope you all enjoyed Thumbs nails of the week. For last weeks post click here.Have a good week all. And I hope to see you back soon to



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