Beauty and Body Stuff I am bringing to Viena,

Beauty and Body Stuff I am bringing to Viena,

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

In a couple of days I will be going on my first mini break with my BF to Viena, and I cannot wait! I am already day dreaming about walking around Schönbrunn and its gardens, visit the Prater Ferris Wheel, The Stephans Dome the city centre the art museum and check out the beautiful architecture. In my head this city looks so Baroque and oldy worldly which makes it the perfect setting for a Romantic get away.

Once I am there, I will be sure to take a lot of holiday snips and hopefully write some blog posts. But enough Day Dreaming on my side and lets talk Beauty and Body stuff I I am bringing to Viena!


Hema Intense Colour Eye Mouse- Small and convenient eye mouse for an easy quick eye look!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Effective and travel friendly mascara.

Mac Pro Concealer in NC25 – The perfect remover of those dark circles.

Loreal Brow Gel Artist – To keep my bushy eyebrows under control!

Kiko Smart Essential Pallette in 02. Contains 2 Bronzer contour Shades 1 HighLighter and 3 Blushes – Easy face products all together in one tiny compact.


Blush Brush

Kiko Powder Brush

Real Techniques Complexion Miracle Sponge


Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Nurturing Shower Oil

Body Shop Frosted Berries Gel Lotion

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream – To get that moisture back in my face after the flight.

Body Shop Oils of Life Night Cream – TLC for my face during the night.

When reviewing this list I am a bit daunted if everything will fit in the liquid bag however I will do my utmost best to make it fit in that little pouch.

Do you think I Am missing an essential item for this trip? Please feel free to leave a comment if I missed out on anything important .

Until next post friends!



Etos Haul

Etos Haul

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Yet again another haul. For this haul I opted for some oldies but goodies. In this haul there is a mascara that I have not used for a long long time and which I used to love . I just cannot recollect why I ever stopped using this mascara. Because I can remember that my lashes used to look fabulous with this mascara. Ermmm don’t mind the conceited  tone,  but to be honest I just liked the look of my lashes with this one. Curious about this haul? Keep on reading!

L’oreal Double Extension Waterproof mascara- I used to wear this mascara every day. Great length and no fall out!

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara –A new mascara for me! This mascara should make the lashes darker within 2 weeks and give you fuller eyelashes.

Etos Cleansing Wipes for normal to combination skin –25 Pcs of cleansing wipes. Smell indeed very fresh as the name suggest. Hmm this can go either very well or the perfume is too much

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Professional Makeup  This product contains 4 brow powders, 2 tinted brow waxes,  eyeybrow arch enhancing cream, highlighter ,an eyebrow pencil,2 brushes and a mini tweezer

Etos Contour & Highlight Brush

Etos Blending Brush

This haul was mainly focused on the eyes. From going back to a familiar friend to trying out new stuff. Hopefully these will become  all faithful friends. I hope to do  reviews on these products soon. If you liked this post please like, subscribe or follow me via BlogLovin or Twitter. Until next post friends!




Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today, even though a little later than expected, Thumbs nails of the month! We have experienced quite a lot of sunshine these last 2 weeks, and this has showed in the way I have dressed and of course how  my nails have looked. Therefor I opted for a color that screamed spring/summer too me.

Rimmel has given this polish a very appropriate name, as when I look at my nails I visualize myself jetting of somewhere nice, beachy and  tropical. Let me share my overall thoughts on this polish

Thumbs up for:

  • Color – Such a perfect color for spring and summer.Very Neon pink in real life, on the photo it looks almost salmony.
  • Wear- This polish has stayed on for 4 days with minimal chipping. For me that is very rare.
  • Dries very quickly

Thumbs down:

  • Coverage- Goes on very streaky. Had to use 3 layers to even everything out.

What is your favorite spring polish? What would you recommend? For last months Thumbs nails click here. And as always if you enjoyed this post please like or subscribe!



What is in my ……. Travel Wash Bag

What is in my ……. Travel Wash Bag

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

About two weeks ago  I had to do some Kitty sitting .  Seven days were spent taking care of this little guy. Enter cousin Ballz


Ok, ok  I know ! I am  side tracking a little bit. But he does add the cute factor to this post. Anyway getting back to business !! Because I had to stay at my sisters place, ofcourse I had to bring some body and make up supplies. If you are curious to see what I have in my wash bag continue reading:

Body, face and hygiene 

  • Toothbrush ( Don’t wory toothbrush was tossed away after making the pics due to hygiene purposes)
  • Beyonce Heat Eau de toilet
  • Cetaphil moisturiser
  • ETOS face primer
  • Nivea Body  Moisuriser
  • Rexona Cotton dry deodorant

Make up 

  • ETOS Blush in 003 Cherry Blossom
  • Guerlain blush brush
  • Maybeline the Rocket Mascara in Black
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil in brown
  • Maybeline Dream Fresh BB cream in Light
  • ELF Gloss stick
  • Ritual Cream & Care Lipstick in Marakech
  • Catrice Defining Blush
  • MAC Pro Longwear  Concealer in NC 25
  • Catrice Multi Colour Blush in 060 Strawberry Frappucino
  • Catrice Nail Lacquer 111 A Crush on Blush
  • Max Factor Fusion False lash effect in Black Mascara
  • Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Vintage pink

Make up tools 

  • MAC 217 Blending Brush
  • MAC 213 shadow brush
  • MAC 195 Concealer Brush
  • Etos Kabuki
  • Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

Conclusion I have a lot of make up in this wash bag. Oops! Unfortunately I already took out some stuff whilst, I was writing this post. However be assured that there was something like shampoo, toothpaste and shower gel in this wash bag. I am not an animal!

Enjoy reading What is in my …… posts ? Click here for my last What is in my…….. post.  Until next post!



Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel 828 Danny Boy Blue

Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel 828 Danny Boy Blue

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today’s post I am sharing something blue on my nails.  I went for a cobalt blue polish from Rimmel named Danny Boy Blue ( 828).

I must say the color of this polish draws your eyes to your nails. I just think this color is a stunning blue and I must say my favorite kind of blue. For my nails I used 3 coats of polish. I am noticing that eventhough I used 3 coats that it is not as opaque as I want it to be. Which is a downside. Also my nails do not dry within 60 seconds as states on the bottle. That said the drying properties are not bad.   So what do you think of these nails?

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Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel Gentle Kiss

Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel Gentle Kiss

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbs nails of the week. Today I am sharing a little post about Rimmels Gentle Kiss polish and I will share some thoughts on this polish.

I bought this polish about 3 weeks ago and if you want to read about this haul click here. To be honest my review will not be as positive as my love for Sensual Spice.

Personally my negative feelings towards this polish started because the quality of this polish is not the same as the Sensual Spice polish.This polish went on really streaky and it took several attempts to make it look half descent. So that was very infuriating.


The two good things about this polish are the longevity and the colour.I have been wearing this polish now for 6 days and currently I am seeing minimal chipping. Even though these are two very important things the quality just ruined it for me.


On that sad tone, it concludes my post. I hope you all enjoyed Thumbs nails of the week. For last weeks post click here.Have a good week all. And I hope to see you back soon to



Thumbs September favourites and one unfavourite

Thumbs  September favourites and one unfavourite

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies.

Today I am back with my favourites for the month of September. I must confess I did not have a lot of favourites, but in my opinion the favourites I had were worth it.


  • Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in 180 vintage pink.This is a lovely pink/purple colour. This lipstick glides on so easily and is very moisturizing. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the floral scent.


Left swatch Rimmel and right swatch MAC
  • MAC Faux lipstick. I am still showing a lot off love for this lipstick. Again a pink toned lipstick I can’t help it. The formulation is so lovely and creamy  and my lips feel so good when wearing this lipstick.



  • Pupa baby doll blush in 105. I am really surprised that I have not heard a lot about this blush or brand. This blush is so pigmented and creamy/buttery . The colour I use is a mauve colour and just looks beautiful on the skin. Also I give a huge Thumbs up for the packaging such a cute compact and it has a tiny mirror.


  • Victor & Rolf Bon Bon perfume. As we were changing seasons I just grabbed my Victor&Rolf  again. It just a lovely , sexy smell maybe a little heavy wearing during the day but I don’t care!


  • Sanex  Dermo Natural wheat germ oil& Vitamin E shower gel. I have sensitive skin and I usually keep my shower gels very neutral. This shower gel is very clean smelling and it is jus an alternative to the regular soapy smells Sanex offers. Which FYI I do love



  • Nivea shower body moisuriser in honey. I thought this product would be brilliant, No more using a moisuriser after the shower but no. I feel disappointed with this product. When using this in the shower, it does not feel like it smoothed or nourished my skin. Also it did not smell like honey. To me it smelled chemically. So definitely no repurchase for me.

Writing about my last unfavourite concludes my September favourites.For my last  post click here and if you want to get updates on my posts please subscribe to or follow me via BlogLovin



Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel in Sensual Spice

Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel in Sensual Spice

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies ,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle! Today I am back with a full post on the Rimmel Sensual Spice Nail Poilish from the Dare to go Bare collection.Last week I wrote about my haul, and today I am sharing my thoughts on this polish. If you are curious about the haul click here.


O boy guys, I am in love with the colour of this polish! Such a Kylie Jenner lip colour but, only for your nails. Its just a beautiful brown color  with golden specs in it. Rimmel/ Kate Moss did so well on this colour. I find this  colour so elegant and fall like. And I definitely l agree with the name Sensual Spice, because it does look sensual.


Besides the coloour that I am in Love with, I really like the formulation of this polish. It just glides on the nails beautifully and I like the brush because it just fits the nail so well. And two thin coats does the charm for your nails.


The only downside I can find  with this polish, is that I have already some chipping on my nails .But again that colour makes that bad feeling go away

Have a good week guys! And hope to see you back soon to Thumbelinaslifestyle! And as always be free to leave a comment or follow me via or BlogLovin.



Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel Sensual Spice and gentle Kiss

Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel Sensual Spice and gentle Kiss

Hi dear readers and loyal subbies,

As you all know I love my nude colors as a polish.  So when I finally saw the Rimmel Kate Moss Dare to bare collection in the Etos last Sunday, I could not resist picking up two polishes. Originally I wanted to pick up all the colors, but there seemed to be a lot of colors that looked like polishes I had in my collection.

So lets start with Gentle Kiss. Now this color is the definition of a nude color too me. It is a sandy color combined with a peach color if that makes sense. It looks like a a concealer to be honest, but to me its beautiful.


The second polish was the first polish my eyes were drawn to. I have not a similar polish like this in my collection. It is a brown color with golden specs in it,which makes the brown look less dark than it is. Just to be sure this one will be the first polish landing on my nails when I am going to repaint them.

In the past I have tried the Salon Pro Lycra polishes, and they dried really well and had a reasonable lasting power on the nails. Of course I cannot tell you how these are going to end up. I am hoping well. But I will try them as soon as possible and they will end up in a post like this. The current negative I have about this polish is the sealing of the packaging. I actually cut my self  on the security strip when getting into the polish.

I really hoped you liked this post. If you want to read about last weeks Thumbs nails of the week click here. Or if you want, click in the menu for different posts on Beauty, empties, favourites or food. As always I hope you are going to have a lovely week and hope to see you soon!  Toodles.



Thumbs May empties

Thumbs May empties

Hello my dear readers,

Once again, thank you for clicking on! I am always soooo happy when you click on my beloved blog (my precious!). So the month May has passed and gone and I can say May went by sooo quickly. A lot of good things happened  and one bad thing.

So the good things being my birthday and  my new job (yeeh for that!) the bad sucky thing being stripped of my id card,bankcards travel cards. Stripped in the bad way of being pick pocketed! Frustration to the max at that moment. And I do admit I had to reach for my paper bag to just keep breathing.But all and all the month May was pretty epic.

So a little side note  I used to call these types of posts xxxx month Empties but as this is Thumbelinaslifestyle I decided to give my personal twist to my empties. And decided to call my empties Thumbs xx month empties. So without further ado lets get started with Thumbs May empties. 


* Maybeline eye studio quad in natural impact. This quad had to be added to my list ,as mine broke up to powder. This was a nice quad and I loved the khaki greens and golds  in this quad . I would repurchase this palette. 


*Clinique all about eyes serum. I love this for under my eye it has a nice de-puffiing and cooling effect. I did feel this product helped to control the little creases underneath my eyes. Would definitely repurchase this eye serum

* Super Drug Tea Tree daily cleanser and toner. I really liked this product and it made a nice last step to my evening facial routine. It felt like it got rid of the last bits of dirt/make up. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued to my complete horror. This means when I am back in England I will have a complete haul down at Super Drug. 

*Etos calming day cream ultra sensitive. I really like this budget friendly moisturizer. It moisturizes my face really well and it does not break me out and it did not cause any redness. The only time it did not give enough moisture was around March.

*Super Drug dry skin relief cream. This product was marvelous. Especially when you are suffering of dry skin on your face hands body and for the price of a euro! This product saved my skin in the month of March when it was suffering from dryness. I Would repurchase this cream again. If possible of course!

Super Drug 50 ml tea tree oil blended oil. Love, love and more love!

* Etos cotton pads. They are cotton pads and work fine. I do prefer the bigger pads though.


*Andrelon iedere dag shampoo ( Every day shampoo) This shampoo I really like for everyday usage and this does not dry my hair out. My current shampoo is way more drying and at the moment I am not impressed.Also this shampoo is budget friendly. Would I repurchase this shampoo? Definitely!

*Andrelon hair mask Care & Repair for dry damaged hair. Its a good mask and I do think it reduced hair breakage. I am still contemplating if I would repurchase this mask.

*Trekpleister dry shampoo. Hmm what to write about this dry shampoo? I can’t say I loved this product because this product really left a white cast over your hair. One day I came into the office with a great grey/whitish streak. The smell of this shampoo was ok. Because of the white cast over my hair I would not repurchase this dry shampoo.

*Kruidvat heat protection. I was actually quite surprised with this product especially for the price. I believe it cost round  3 euros and I did notice my hair did not fall out as much. Also at the moment I am testing the L’Oreal one which is 1.5 times more expensive and I would consider repurchasing the Kruidvat one than the L’Oreal.


* Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I really liked this colour especially for this season. The reason this polish landed in my empties is becaus it went gloopy. If that is even a word. I just could not work with this polish.

* Rimmel finishing touch topcoat. Actually the same storry as  the above. This is a really good topcoat and would recommend this topcoat.

Oral/body hygiene

* Ah toothpaste in cool mint. I prefer other toothpastes brands but it did work.

*Rexona skin care sensitive 48 hours deodorant. I have mentioned this item before and if I would not like this product I would not repurchase this deodorant.

So finishing with Oral/Body and Hygiene products concludes, Thumbs May empties post! If you thought this post was entertaining,please like or subscribe or follow me on Bloglovin. For last months empties click here

Hope to welcome you back soon!


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)