Thumbs Sick Survival guide

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

YES! Sick season has arrived! And as the post title suggests, today’s post is all about how I survive when I am sick. Being sick is not the end of the world, but it does help getting through it as smooth as possible. I got sick +- 3 weeks ago with the flu and I really hated it. With the below suggestions/ tips I managed to survive. Hope you enjoy reading these tips.

  •  This one is very obvious, but drink plenty of liquids when you are sick ( something I am not always good at). So what I do to make sure I drink plenty,  is  bring the biggest bottle of Water/ juice to my bed or couch. This means less walking for refills. Yes I confess I am lazy when I am sick.
  • Have plenty of rest and don’t get stressed out or upset. It will only make you feel worse.
  • In case of feeling really nauseous, bring a bucket ( or something else with a layer of water to wherever you are sleeping  in case of emergencies). Yes I had to use it 3 weeks ago and it was not pretty. Sorry, maybe a little to TMI  guys.
  • Entertainment! I usually get bored real quick.  So get your DVD’s and Blue rays out. Watch Netflix or checkout your fave programs on regular television.
  • Take out your softest blankets, slippers and clothing,  anything that makes you feel cozy.
  • Keep it clean! As your sick you don’t always have your A game on for hygiene .  So usually when I am sick I will mooch about in my pjs all day long,  however  I do take my showers to freshen up and get rid of any B.O. Because when I was sick, I was like  dang girl you stink!  Just keep it all clean and hygienic and  switch out your outfit whenever you have sweated like crazy. Just take a new pair off of pjs or whatever out your closet. Girls!!,  you do not  want to roll around in all that sick. Also keep your toilet facilities as clean as possible!
  • Eat easy to digest food, like toast light soups  and crackers
  • Keep Moisturising. Usually when your sick, parts of your body will go all ieww and dry . Therefor keep your face ,lips body moisturized when your sick , it can take a long time to recover your skin to the status it was in.

I hope you all liked this little survival sick guide, for my last click here . If you have any tips you want to share, please leave a comment.  Then there is just one thing to say to you all  keep healthy guys!



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