An ode to MAC Syrup Lustre Lipstick

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I wanted to write this post for such a long time!  Also I can remember a comment left by denisenichole from the lovely blog Please check her site out She would love to see swatches from this lipstick. And after 4 months time I thought it was definitely time to share more about this gorgeous and luscious lipstick   This lipstick has rightfully earned a place in my favorites  of 2015. Interested click here.

Now why do I have such a love affair with this lipstick. Let me tell you.

Firstly the color, it just looks beautiful! Such a lovely pink neutral color. When you wear this color,  your regular lip color just gets lifted to the next level. So gorgeous. Because this is a lustre finish the lipstick glides on and does not dry out. A great plus point for me , it just makes the lipstick  you wear feel very comfortable. And as per MAC tradition the lipstick smells like chocolate cake / cookie dough. Pure heaven!

If I would have to write about one downside it would be the longevity of this lipstick.  It does not seem to last very long, maybe 2-4 hours pending your activities. But really I don’t care! It is superb.

You can purchase this lipstick for € 19,- online or from your local Mac counter.

Words fail to express how much I love this lipstick!  It smells good, the color is elegant and very wearable.

What do you think about this lipstick?Feel free to leave a comment! Hope to see you all soon for my next blog.






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