Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies!

We made it and are now mid February 2018! I was planning to have this post up earlier however things just kept popping up. In this post I will share all my favorite things of 2017 ! From Beauty, food to lifestyle! Can’t wait for this list? Please hurry and continue reading!




*Loreal Infalible Matte

*Urban Decay Naked Skin


*MAC Pro concealer


*Loreal Matt Laquer in 502

Eye Palette

*Urban Decay Heat Pallete

Single Eye Shadows

*Hema Intense Colour Mousse in 03

*Boots Mink Eye Shadow

Setting Spray

* MAC Prep and Prime


Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush

MAC Peaches


MAC Give me Sun


*L’Oreal Brow Plumper


*Real Techniques Complexion Sponge



*Garnier Miscelaire Gel

Facial Mask

*Douglas Aqua Focus Good Night Gel Mask

*Starskin Hydration Mask



*Girls Trip

*Hidden Figures

*Mein Blind Date mit Dem Leben

*Demain Tout Commence


*Restaurant Jai Barat in Haarlem (Indian) Amazing food in a modern vibe restaurant.






* London Trip

Read all about my experiences in the travel part of my blog if you are nosy!

And yep apologies still need to write about my London Trip.

Inspiring person

Ending on a bit of sad note, but for me the most inspiring person of 2017 was a little boy who’s name was Tijn. This boy put others before himself eventhough he was terminally ill.

Tijn raised over 2.5 million euros through painting nails for a fundraiser from Serious Request. And later another 1.2 million euros with his own line of nail polishes.

This boy just showed me how we all should be a little bit less selfish in life and start carring about others regardless of your own situation

I really felt so sad when I heard he passed away last July because of his illness. As a Dutch singer song writer wrote” you are a hero!”.

Writing about my most inspiring person for 2017 concludes my 2017 favorites!

Curious about my list of unfavorites for 2017? Please let me know! As I am intending to write a post about this one

As always feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Until next post friends!



*Disclaimer I do not own any of the film trailers used in this blog

What I got for my birthday 2017

What I got for my birthday 2017

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I cannot believe  I am writing this post nearly 3 months after my birthday. Big Oops moment to say the least!

 But going back to details, my birthday was on the day I returned from Bali, 18th May so I did not do a lot except having nice food and chilling. Also to prevent from staying up all night my mum made me have a big  walk during the day so I would have a good nights sleep. To be honest I slept all night and woke up at around 8-9 am.

As it is becoming quite the tradition to share what I got for my birthday , I got not fail posting this blog. I hope you all like it!


Vacuum cleaner

Mac Next to Nothing Foundation and Powder in Light Plus 

Amazon Giftcard



Disney PJ’s

Disney Socks

Disney Canvas bag

Single Cookbook (  housewarming gift) 

Stuffed Animal

Overal that sums up what I got for birthday.  This year for my birthday  I received a lot of  things I needed and I received a lot Disney which I love! Curious about  what I received last year or any other posts feel free to roam around my little space on the internet.

Until next post friends.



Thumbs June Favorites

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Another month is almost gone and therefore it is time for some Thumbs Favorites. This month has a good variation of Faves, from beauty to home/ interior and skincare. Curious? Then please continue reading

Clinic eye creme

Douglas Face Serum

Airwick Reed Diffuser Vanilla Truffle 

Storrage Boxes 

Mac Fix Plus Setting Spray 

Maybeline Fit Me  Concealer

Mac Next to Nothing Foundation & Powder in light plus 

My New Haircut 

Pandora Snow Flake Ring 

What where your favorites of this month? Please feel free to share your thoughts via a comment. I hope you all liked this post and if so please like or subscribe.

Until nex





Thumbs February Favorites

Thumbs February Favorites

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

March has started and it is time for a very belated Thumbs February Favorites. This blog post contains some lifestyle and beauty faves. So I hope you will enjoy it !

Douglas Home Spa Balancing Shower Foam in Polynesian Dream.  

This just smells very Spa like and smells so clean. It is very hard for me to describe this fragrance but it smells sooo good.  So if you can get hold of this shower gel I would !

Essie For the Twill of It

This is just such an interesting polish. Sort of monochromatic. You can see different colors in it like blue’s,purple’s, greens and grey’s. It is just gorgeous and this polish  wears very well.

Cauliflower Rice

Side tracking a bit here but please bear with me. This is such a great alternative to rice if you don’t want any carbs for your dinner.  For example the cauliflower rice matches very well with a green vegetable curry.

Mac Face and Body Foundation in NC25

It is a nice light foundation that evens out the skin tone for a natural look . I have often gravitated to this foundation if I felt like wearing foundation.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet 

Fave colours : White Chocolate, Marzipan  Strawberry  Bon Bon and Creme Brulee

MAC Strobe Cream

Just gives back a lot of luminosity to the skin. Your skin looks fresh,dewy and healthy and overall my makeup looks better.  But that is my just my opinion.

Booked Bali Trip 

 I cannot remember if I wrote about this before, but in 2 months time I am flying to Bali for a 16 day trip.  Whoop whoop! I have never been so far away  from home, but I am looking so forward to it. At the moment I have the time and freedom to travel and I am taking full advantage of that. My plan is to write some posts from Bali if I am disciplined  and if the Wifi agrees. So hopefully this happens.

I hope you all  enjoyed this post and as always feel free to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!



Thumbs favorites of 2016

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Unlike most Bloggers and YouTubers, I write about my yearly favorites in the beginning of the year. I always feel that something at the end of the year can sneak in as my favorite. All though this year I am really, really late with this post. In this post you will read all about my favorites. Some I must say,  I have mentioned very often in other posts.  So with further ado here are my faves of 2016!

Face and Body Care 

Sanex Shower Gel

StarSkin Facial Masks

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil – 50 ml –  Day Creme 

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil – 50 ml –  Night Creme


Victor & Rolf Bon Bon


Makeup Revolution Bronze & Contour Palette – All About Bronze

Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights

MAC Water Weight Foundation in NC25

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Lip Conditioner

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Pupa Doll Blush in 105


Buying an Apartment

Losing Weight


Me before you

Dead Pool


Star Wars Rogue One


Indian food


So with food rounds up my favorites for 2016. I have read and watched many 2016 favorites but if  you think there should be something I should really try, please leave a comment!  I am still contemplating if I will write about my un-favorites of 2016. If you would like me to write about my un- favorites please leave a comment.

Until next post friends.



Thumbs June Favorites

Thumbs June Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

June faves

June has passed and gone and it is time for  Thumbs June Favorites. I must say June did not give me a lot of new faves , but the things I found were pretty sweet. Don’t get me wrong I am still loving a lot of the same things from last month. Such as  my Make up Revolution high lighter in golden lights and the Make up Revolution Bronzer Palette. So if you want to read  about Mays favorites click here. But for this month lets get this post started.


  • MAC Velvet Teddy – What can I say, it is just a beautiful nude color and you can just wear this color any time. Timeless and classic!


  • Pathe unlimited card –  If you like going to the cinema and you go often, then this  might be something for you ( just for Dutch peeps ) !   I pay 19 euros a month,  and pay 1.5o extra if I want to see the film in 3D . Since I subscribed to Pathe Unlimited I sometimes go 4 times a week to the Cinema. This card is such good value for money. Also you get 10%  discount on drinks and snacks in the cinema.
  • Film Me before you – Such a good film! It had a good story line  even though it was very  sad  at some times, but the film also contained  a lot of humor. I really want to read the book now. Anyone read the book?
  • Film Deadpool – If you like Marvel Comics, most likely you will like this one. This film was soooo funny. Maybe a little rude at some time but it suited the film. Also I thought the soundtrack was BOM !
  • Penny Dreadfull- Best season ever! Unfortunately and sadly the last season.  I sort of had the feeling how this show would end and I was correct. Still it was such a good season with such a good story line. I have already re-watched  several episode I just can’t get enough.  If you are interested you can view the trailer below.Trailer Penny Dreadful season 3


  • Dresses – I just have been into dresses lately. To be honest I look a lot better in dresses. My figure just looks better  in a dress. and it is summer now so it is nice to wear. Also I am incorporating a lot of bright color which makes my skin look more alive and not so deadly.

I hope you all liked this post.  For more updates follow me via Bloglovin or Twitter. And as always feel free leave to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!




What I got for my birthday

What I got for my birthday

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Finally I am going to share what I got for my birthday.  Wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I just love reading and seeing these sort of blogs/ videos,  therefor I wanted to post this one. I really had a good day and felt really spoiled. If you want to read what I did for my birthday click here.

Let the sharing started!


Avanca Wireless Headset– I just love this gift. I love listening to music whether I am commuting, working or going to the gym. Because I listen to music a lot, it is important too me to have a good quality and functional headset.  Also I noticed the one I had was getting a little tired. So I thought lets put this on my wishlist. And I got it!

The reason that I wanted a wireless headset was that I did not want any wires running in front of me. With the wired headset I usually would pull my headset out  of my ears when I was rowing. Very annoying. These headsets just feel so lightweight and they look quite fashionable in my opinion and they have a good sound quality to them.

Hunkemoller giftcards – Hunkemoller is one of the biggest chains in the Netherlands to buy bra’s and as I am in need to get some new ones, this is very greatly appreciated. Is it just me, but buying bra’s is quite expensive. The woes of being a woman.

MAC Experience – This was so much fun!! My sis got me this present. So for an hour the MAC makeup artist did my face. She started with some questions such as skin type what I liked etc. Also this deal included I could get € 60 worth of product. Which is pretty sweet! This is such great gift and a great way to try out products.

Amazon gift cards– Who does not like a Amazon gift card. You can choose whatever you like. I am still contemplating what to get. But I am sure I will figure it out any time soon. Or I will just collect these cards and then do a combined splurge.

Necklace and Bracelets – I already showed this one in a previous post. I got a 0pretty necklace and bracelets from my friend J!  Want to read about this post click here.

Stationary plus matching post- its– This is a very useful pressie.  I can use this one to write some thank you notes. And the post its are very useful to leave some reminder notes. Such as must take out garbage !!  I love the prints on the stationary very pretty.

I hope you all liked this post and thank you for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment!  Until next post friends!