Thumbs review : Pilaten Black Head Ex Pore Strip

Hi everybody dear readers and loyal subbies,

One of my goals for this year is to get better, more healthy skin. Which will lead to less picking of the face . I have been suffering from clogged pores round my nose and those nasty white heads. So I  was really looking for a product that would reduce the clogged pores. Thus I purchased  the Pilaten Black head pore strip. This product claims to reduce clogged pores, zits , white heads and impurities, leaving your skin clean and soft.

I purchased a five pack of the Black Head Ex Pore Strip from , but I saw you could purchase this Chinese brand from To be honest I have never heard of this brand but I am hoping this product will work out for my skin. These five pore strips come in a very simple box., which does not make you want the product. I do like the design of the little black sachet .

As the instruction on the back of the sachet is in Chinese , I need to use the instructions provided in the box. As I am not a native speaker from China, I thought I had to find the instructions on the website. Which  would not be very user friendly.

Another surprise was the following:

I thought this would be a nose strip however the product is a mask.  Pilaten, I think it is time to change the name , as it is confusing. Also my understanding is, that you can use this mask all over the face not just the nose.

Before I used this mask I cleansed my face so this would do its magic. My first impression is that the mask is very runny yet thick. So runny that I spilled this on my sofa. I do advise not to use this on a sofa. Obvious I know, but somehow my brain at that time did not register that one. When putting this mask around my nose I looked like a Koala bear.

The mask feels semi refreshing and after 10 minutes you can feel the mask drying and tighten.  Maybe I was hallucinating, but around the 10 min mark it did look  like the mask was extracting gunk out of my nose. Very exciting.

It is advised to keep the mask on approx 30 minutes. When taking of the mask, it feels like taking a bandage off your nose, this  is not a plus  point for this product. The brand does warn you for this if you have baby hairs that you need to be careful taking the mask off.

After use, I do notice that my nose feels extremely soft. I did not find any white head residue on the mask. So I don’t know if this was because I did not have a lot of  gunk left in my pores.  I am going to give it another trial as I am still undecided about this product.

I hope you all like this skincare post. Please share any thoughts you might have on this product. If you have any good suggestions removing clogged pores/whiteheads  please let me know. Until next time guys.



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