Kiko lipstick Review and Swatches

0Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

So a couple of wees ago I went for the very first time to the Kiko store at Amsterdam Central Station.   Wow this is such a great and affordable store and it was great browsing through the store .

Caroline Malone from wanted to see a review on these lipsticks. You ask and I try to deliver! If you want please check her blog out, it looks so beautiful.

Ok so let’s get this review started!  I bought the following lippies:

  • NR 602 Velvet Mat Lipstick-  A pinky/ brown color and the finish is matte
  • NR 804 Ultra Glossy Stylo – A coraly color and the finish is  glossy f
  • NR 918 Smart lipstick again- A pinky but more browny color sheer finish

NR 602 Velvet Mat Lipstick



NR 804 Ultra Glossy Stylo

NR 918 Smart Lipstick

Thoughts and opinions

One word! WOW !   Let me share with you why.

First of all they smell great, they sort of smell like MAC lippies! Which to me is very important! The lipsticks go on really easily and they feel comfortable on the lips.  The pricing is  dirt cheap. The most expensive one which I purchased( Velvet Mat) , was € 6.90  Hello just a third of the price you pay for MAC! Also  the design of the matte lipstick casing is beautiful. I think it looks quite high end because of the gold colors they use.

My fave of the three would be the Mat version .  So I will venture into KIKO and pick up some more Matt lippies.

So great job Kiko! I would definitely recommend these lippies to you all. Especially the Velvet Mat Lipstick.

Lip Swatches 

Top left 602 Velvet Mat Lipstick,  Top Right 804 Ultra Glossy Stylo, Rigt down 918 Smart Lipstick

Lipstick swatches: From left to right  602 Velvet Mat Lipstick, Top Right 804 Ultra Glossy Stylo,918 Smart Lipstick

Concluding with the swatches ends this post.  Please let me know which products I should try out next from KIKO, or if I missed a lippy which I need in my collection.  Until next the next post friends!



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