Lets talk about food shall we?

Hello Friends,

I have not shared a weekend lunch in a while, so as I thought it is Wednesday and the work week has been cut in half,  I am officially allowed to start  dreaming about ( naughty) food again. Because usually I have naughty food in the weekend. Say hello to Carbs|!

Anyhow my sister took me to a ( new for me ) foodplace in Haarlem. And it was a burger place called the Thrill Grill.  This place was absolutely packed to the max and I personally understood why.

So for my food sin I ordered the MESOAMERICAN TACO THRILLER. A lovely mix of a burger on a corn taco. You also had an option to order this  burger on a bun . The burger was dressed with Avocado, Tomato, Red Onion, Gouda Cheese, Coriander, Mayonnaise, Spicy, Salso Roja, Jalapeno and Fresh Lime. That is why it is very hard to locate the burger. Because seriously can you locate that burger on the photo?

That  MESOAMERICAN TACO THRILLER.was really epic!  All those flavors  married so well together. I am saying food party for the mouth! The only thing which was not impressing me that much were the fries. My sister and myself ordered the Parmesan and Truffle Chips to share.  They were fried perfectly don’t get me wrong but they  did not excite me that much.

Overall I can say  it was really nice to decide to eat somewhere else.  Affordable ,comfort food in the city center of  Haarlem. I would definitely opt for going back to this restaurant for a burger.

Untill next time friends, I hope you all enjoyed this food post and as always feel free to leave a comment or subscribe to Thumbelinaslifstyle.com



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