Thumbs review: Starskin smoothing Bio-Cellulose second skin eye masks

Hello everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

And we are back again! Today with a review on one of my favorite brands Starskin, I was in Douglas browsing the store and I was yeeh they sell Starskin. And lo and behold  a new product which I did not see before. They were eye masks!  Not that they were new from the brand but they were new to me.

The mask claims to

  • Immediate brighten the skin around you eyes
  • Reduces fine lines and dark shadows around your eyes.

Claims to  give the skin around you reduce fine lines and dark shadows

Photo’s left to right Without mask and with the Starskin Second Skin Eye Mask . Unfortunately I deleted the original after mask image. Grrr. How stupid am I and yes I need to do my brows.

Overall thoughts on these eye masks

Thumbs up for the following:

  • You get 2 sets of eye masks
  • Nice relaxing moment for yourself  ( feels calming on the skin)
  • Under eye area feels lovely and smooth and plump

Thumbs down for the following:

  • Personally I did not immediately see any lessening of lines. Maybe after multiple uses?  I have one more left so will give it another go.

I hope I don’t bore you all with these Starksin posts. Overall I love this brand. If your curious about the other posts I wrote about Starskin click here and here.   Please leave me a comment or follow me via or hit that lovely BlogLovin button. Until next post friends!





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