Thumbs review: Loreal oil Loreal

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

What the heck is going on with my skin? That was what I was thinking 2 months ago about my skin. It was dry and quite reddish. Not that cute I would say.  Therefor I was looking for some different skincare to use.

So one day I heard my supervisor telling that she uses oil on her face.  I cannot remember if this was bio oil.  But to be honest her skin looks beautiful. Therefore my brain was thinking, hey Kim you need some oil for your skin too!. So I browsed the web and decided to get these products. The L’oreal Extraordinary oil day and night cream.

The day cream does not feel that oily but at first touch but it does feel lovely moisturizing. I usually put 3 dots on my face and that usually does the trick. The day cream gives good moisture to the face and I feel that it feeds my skin all day.

The night cream can be used in two ways,  as a night cream or as a face mask. The second option I have not tried out yet, but maybe I should. Anything which does not make my face look like a pile of lifeless crap is a plus point for me. The same rule I apply for this cream, 3 dots on my cleansed face and rub it in. The cream feels very relaxing and after a nights rest I can feel that the cream has done its magic, as my skin feels plump.

The only thing I personally don’t like about these creams is the lavender smell . Lavender can give me headaches but thank god the smell does not linger . So I don’t go in with my nose.  Bus as my skin has improved I take this minus for granted as my skin looks a lot better.

Any recommendations to make dull, dry skin more radiant? Any tips? Please share! If you liked this post please like or subscribe and I hope to see you all back soon.




3 thoughts on “Thumbs review: Loreal oil Loreal

  1. You should try using Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser that has beads in it…Also, if you wish you can use Nivea naturals cream and top it off with johnsons and johnsons oil gel at night..Will plump your skin..Finally, mix honey, yoghurt, few drops of lemon juice and use as a mask…These are just my suggestions that I can think of right now and will not cost you lots of bucks.. Good Luck

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