Thumbs August Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

August is nearing its end and that means favorite time. This months favorites include some skincare, makeup, and lifestyle faves. Curious about this? Please continue reading and hope you enjoy this post.

Anastasia Highlighting Duo Pencil-When you use this product it accentuates the shape of your brow and it makes it all neat and tidy.

Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin lip mask– What can I say about this product ! It really plumps up your lips and reduces fine  lines on your lips.  Love it!

Maybeline Color Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold – This product is in my daily make up routine. This is so easy to use in the morning. Just one swoosh on the lid and your done.

MAC lip conditioner – This really moisture’s your lips I wear this product daily and it is so very moisturising. I will probably use this even more when autumn and winter will come . But lets not think about this one yet.

Essie in A list 

Netflix –A lifesaver when you’r bored and have nothing to do. I do wish we had the variation that the US has but still it is very good

Film Mike and Dave need wedding dates –Mike and Dave need wedding dates

Film Bad Moms – Trailer Bad Moms

I hope these favorites have entertained you. For my last post, including one of my favorites click here. Until next post friends.



2 thoughts on “Thumbs August Favorites

  1. The Pink Gold colour tattoo eyeshadow has been an absolute must have in my everyday makeup lately. It’s just such an effortlessly easy colour to blend and wear day to day!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

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