Thumbs February Favorites

Thumbs February Favorites

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

March has started and it is time for a very belated Thumbs February Favorites. This blog post contains some lifestyle and beauty faves. So I hope you will enjoy it !

Douglas Home Spa Balancing Shower Foam in Polynesian Dream.  

This just smells very Spa like and smells so clean. It is very hard for me to describe this fragrance but it smells sooo good.  So if you can get hold of this shower gel I would !

Essie For the Twill of It

This is just such an interesting polish. Sort of monochromatic. You can see different colors in it like blue’s,purple’s, greens and grey’s. It is just gorgeous and this polish  wears very well.

Cauliflower Rice

Side tracking a bit here but please bear with me. This is such a great alternative to rice if you don’t want any carbs for your dinner.  For example the cauliflower rice matches very well with a green vegetable curry.

Mac Face and Body Foundation in NC25

It is a nice light foundation that evens out the skin tone for a natural look . I have often gravitated to this foundation if I felt like wearing foundation.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet 

Fave colours : White Chocolate, Marzipan  Strawberry  Bon Bon and Creme Brulee

MAC Strobe Cream

Just gives back a lot of luminosity to the skin. Your skin looks fresh,dewy and healthy and overall my makeup looks better.  But that is my just my opinion.

Booked Bali Trip 

 I cannot remember if I wrote about this before, but in 2 months time I am flying to Bali for a 16 day trip.  Whoop whoop! I have never been so far away  from home, but I am looking so forward to it. At the moment I have the time and freedom to travel and I am taking full advantage of that. My plan is to write some posts from Bali if I am disciplined  and if the Wifi agrees. So hopefully this happens.

I hope you all  enjoyed this post and as always feel free to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!



Thumb’s Christmas Nails ( Essie’s Really Red)

Thumb’s Christmas Nails ( Essie’s Really Red)

‘Tis the season to be jolly and of course my nails need to be matching as well. For my Christmas nails I opted for Essie’s Really Red nail polish. I received this polish as free gift of purchase and I am so happy with it.

When I have been wearing this polish, people have asked me if I had my nails done or which polish it was. It is so beautiful. I really cannot fault this polish!  I Love the color, the longevity and the minimal chipping. Just all Thumbs up for me!

What also could be fun is to do use some glitter polish on some of the nails to make it more festive. I would opt for a silver of gold polish in this case.

Please check out my other posts if you enjoyed reading this one .

Happy holidays guys and hope to see you back soon!

Until next post friends!



Thumbs August Favorites

Thumbs August Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

August is nearing its end and that means favorite time. This months favorites include some skincare, makeup, and lifestyle faves. Curious about this? Please continue reading and hope you enjoy this post.

Anastasia Highlighting Duo Pencil-When you use this product it accentuates the shape of your brow and it makes it all neat and tidy.

Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin lip mask– What can I say about this product ! It really plumps up your lips and reduces fine  lines on your lips.  Love it!

Maybeline Color Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold – This product is in my daily make up routine. This is so easy to use in the morning. Just one swoosh on the lid and your done.

MAC lip conditioner – This really moisture’s your lips I wear this product daily and it is so very moisturising. I will probably use this even more when autumn and winter will come . But lets not think about this one yet.

Essie in A list 

Netflix –A lifesaver when you’r bored and have nothing to do. I do wish we had the variation that the US has but still it is very good

Film Mike and Dave need wedding dates –Mike and Dave need wedding dates

Film Bad Moms – Trailer Bad Moms

I hope these favorites have entertained you. For my last post, including one of my favorites click here. Until next post friends.



Essie nail polish Haul

Essie nail polish Haul

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Two weeks ago I purchased some items from Essie. I just could not resist taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 for free offer. Essie polishes are not the cheapest polishes . I just love these offers!

You might have already read Thumbs nails of the month.  In that post I showcased the polish  Loot the Booty. If you are curious about this polish click here. But let me share the items I purchased .

Essie A List- a beautiful elegant red color 

Essie Loot the Booty- a cool toned blue with turquoise and purple specs

Essie First Base- a base coat

Essie Gel Setter- a gel tocoat

What polishes have you been loving lately? Please let me know and leave a comment!  If you like these types of posts follow me via, Bloglovin or Twitter. Until next post friends!




Thumbs nails of the Month: Essie’s Loot the Booty

Thumbs nails of the Month: Essie’s Loot the Booty

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is a new month and it is time for Thumbs nails of the month!  Today’s polish  Loot the Booty, is from the Summer  Antigua collection from Essie. It has been a long time since I have been sporting an  Essie nail polish and I could not be more excited to be wearing it.

The color is cool dark blue with specs of turquoise and purple. I just  can’t help, staring at my nails. I used 2 layers of the polish and started out with a base coat and finished with 2 coats of the Gel Setter topcoat from Essie.


Thumbs up for:

Color and pigmentation

Quick drying

Nice brush

Thumbs down for:

Absolutely nothing!

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Thumbs Nails of the month : Essies Marshmallow

Thumbs Nails of the month : Essies Marshmallow

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle. As previously announced, I am going to post once a month a nail post. Thus renaming Thumbs nails of the week, to Thumbs nails of the month.  After that short announcement, lets get this post started.

This months nails  is all about Essies marshmallow polish.


O boy! I really, really dislike this polish. For me, this has not worked out. I really tried to make this polish work , however this polish is going on the list of shame. Please let me share with you why.

First of all this polish goes on really streaky thus this meant using layer, upon layer, upon layer of polish.  I just could not get it opaque. The horror. Let’s face it,  I just did not like the formulation of this polish.

Secondly I just did not feel the color white on my nails. This is personal, but I just did not like white on my nails. Which is bummer, because white nails look so good on other people, even in winter time. Maybe the only chance I have for this polish is summer time.

Eventhough this post consisted out of a lot of negative vibrations, I hope you enjoyed it none the less. If so please like and/ or subscribe.  And if you have any thoughts on this polish, please share.  Until next month for a new Thumbs nails of the month.



Thumbs nails of the week Essie Clambake

Thumbs nails of the week Essie Clambake

Hi everybody, dear readers and subbies,

Today I am sharing another polish post. To be quite honest I forgot I had this polish in my collection and it is a beautiful red, orangey colour. Essie’s Clambake.


I don’t think the name does this polish any justice. It should be called 40’s Diva  or Pinup girl. I love how this polish glided on the nail and it dried really quick. Maybe it dried quick because this polish was really runny. And that is the only downside I would say about this polish because you did need 3 layers of this polish for an opaque look.


Saying the last: Loving this polish! I really don’t know why I have not used this polish more this year. For last weeks Thumbs Nails click here.

I hope you all will have a lovely week and hope to see you soon! For more posts feel free to follow me on or BlogLovin


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week ”Mint Candy Apple”

Thumbs nails of the week  ”Mint Candy Apple”

Hi everybody,

I am back with a new Thumbs nails of the week. Today I am sporting Essies Mint candy Apple. A lovely minty colour, perfect for summer.


I can understand why this polish is a cult favourite among bloggers. It is such a perfect colour for spring and summer.When I look at my nails they look so happy cheerful. I know that sounds stupid but it makes you feel happy when its raining and storming in summer!


I used  two coats to make this colour pop and sealed it in with a topcoat, to make it extra shiny.

For last weeks Thumbs nails click here. Once again thank you for reading this post and hope to see you back for next weeks Thumbs nails. Have a good week folks.

Xoxo Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week in Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

Thumbs nails of the week in Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

Hello everybody,

Last week I didn’t do a  Thumbs nails of the week. so I could give my nails some well deserved rest from polish.

So Today  I am back, with a new Thumbs nails of the week. This week sporting Essie’s Bikin so TeenyI just could not wait anymore to use this polish!


This polish is a cult favourite amongst  bloggers and You Tubers and rightly so!. Its a lovely periwinkle colour with very fine specs of glitter/shimmer. Which you can’t really notice on your lovely nails . I do get a ‘let’s go to the beach right now” feeling when wearing this polish. It makes me feel like I want to go outside and not be locked int an office building. 

So here’s how the polish looks on the nails.



I hope you all have a good week and if you have s  ome good recommendations for fun spring/summer polishes, let me know via a comment. If you liked these types posts you can follow me via or BLOGLOVIN.



Kim (Tiny  Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week Essie ‘not just a pretty face’

Thumbs nails of the week Essie ‘not just a pretty face’

Hi everybody,

I am back for another installment of Thumbs nails of the week. Today I am writing this post on a very grey and rainy day cuddled up on my couch. I had to do some grocery shopping and it was just horrible. Getting soaked by very fine baby rain which I underestimated. Therefore I needed some cheering up by using a pretty polish when I got in.


Because of my Essie haul two-three weeks ago, I went for the polish ‘ Not just a pretty face’. And this polish is not just a pretty face, it is a beautiful baby pink and has a nice sheen too it. We sometimes write about lipsticks ‘your lips but better’ well this is the feeling I have about this polish. Underneath our nails there is pinky skin and this polish just emphasizes that.


When painting my nails I did use three coats to get an opaque colour and to make the baby pinky really pop. Again this polish dries really quickly. Once again I would say this polish is very appropriate for the office but compared to the other nudes I went for in the past, it has pinky tones instead of the taupey/brownish tones.

I can honestly write I don’t regret purchasing this polish. It has a lovely clean look.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you like these types of posts check out last weeks Thumbs nails.


Kim(Tiny Thumbelina)