Thumbs Empties (A lot of empties! )

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Due to the moving, I had postponed some posts even the empties ones. So in the end, a week before I moved, I had collected a lot of empties. Trust me a lot ! To be honest I was quite impressed by the amount. Anyhow without further a do, please check out my Thumbs Empties.



I am kinda bummed out that I did not write down the names of the polishes, but my faves would be the Essie, The Tanya burr,  The OPI and the Sally Hansen gel top coat ones . The other polishes I would not repurchase. The reason I had to get rid of most polishes was because the product got to tacky and therefor they were not workable anymore. For the Essie polish I even manisshed to have the lid jammed because of leaking polish. Such a waste errrrggg!

Skin care 

The things I would want to highlight for skincare would be the Garnier Micellar water with oil in it. Boy it smells so good and the L’oreal extraordinary oil day and night cream. Those creams are true winners for me.

Body care

As usual my faves are in there, such as  Sanex and Soap and Glory shower products. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the Victoria Secret Shower Gel. It was gorgeous and the bathroom smelled so nice after use. However really have to watch the use of this product as there is a lot of perfume in it.

Hair care

To be honest the hair care was not that good these last months except the L’oreal hairspray and the Garnier shampoo. Basically the rest was quite crappy!

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Until the next post friends!



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