Thumbs Review: Starskin Nourishing and Cooling Double Layer Foot Mask Socks

Hi everybody dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today I am back with a new review,  and guess what is for one of my favorite beauty brands.  Yes you guessed right, it is StarSkin! I love this brand for their face masks and I thought lets try something new. So in a last shopping spree I opted for the Starskin Nourishing and Cooling Double Layer Foot Mask Socks as my  feet were and are in dire need of repair.

Starskin claims the following about these Foot Mask Socks

” Unique, patented foot mask intensely nourishes, soothes and revitalizes feet”
”Relieves swelling and cools down tired feet in just 20 minutes”
” Innovative Double-Layer Technology simulates the results of a professional foot spa”

Thumbs up for

Nourishing my feet, it got rid of a lot dryness I had on the sole of my feet.

Soothed my feet and took away some soreness that I had .

Thumbs down for 

Did not experience the cooling effect the mask claimed. Would believe that  chilling the mask in the fridge would help.

Overall thoughts:

This mask helps to reduce a lot of dryness and reduced the overall look of cracks on my feet. Also my feet felt soft and nourished after use.

Have you ever tried this foot mask? And if so what were your thoughts about it. Any tips for softer feet? Please leave a comment.

Until next post friends.



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