What I ate in Bali version 2.0

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Another trip to a far away country means another post filled with delicious new food to share. Ok Bali is not new to me anymore, yet my  love for food will never die. If you love food like I do, I believe it will be hard for you to look away and not continue reading. So read on and drown in all this yummy food goodness.


I finally had the opportunity to try out some new Indonesian dishes. Such as Sup Buntut a delicious Oxtail Soup. The meat fell straight of the bone and was so succulent and  the soup was really filling as it was filled with vegetables and served with rice, emping and pickled vegetables.

Another new dish I had the pleasure to try out at Honeybees restaurant,was Babi Guling. Now if you  like pork and crispy skin, you will love this. Eventhough I am not the biggest meat eater I really enjoyed it. This dish was served with some rice and some green vedge. I am unable to recollect what it was.

I was already familiar with different forms of rice porridge but I have never tried out the Indonesian version, the Bubur. OMG! I love this for breakfast, hell I would have this for dinner it is really delicious and nutritious. You eat this porridge with flaked chicken, spring onions, fried onions, ketchap and sambal. So delicious. You can really dress this porridge the way you want it. If you have an opportunity to try this dish I would recommend it.

The other Asian dishes I ate in Bali were , Soto Ajam,Nasi Istimewa, Beef BimiBap, Green Curry and Chicken Springrolls.  Even though the spring rolls were tasty I had a hard time locating the chicken. Just had to share that.



During my stay in Bali I had some European/Western dishes. I had a chicken burger  with fries and some Carbonara Fettucini with a garlic crostini.



Besides drinking a lot of water I had some sneaky drinks. Boy did I enjoy drinking my Virgin Mojito next to the poolside. That drink was so refreshing and provided the necessary sugar rush for during the day. Also I thoroughly enjoyed having a nice fruit smoothie, being banana or strawberry.



During my holiday I did not have a particular sweet tooth. However I had the pleasure to try two. One was a bread and butter pudding served with strawberry ice cream.

The second desert was mind blowing and so delicious.  Now let me tell you what this was. Sweet Potato Doughnuts with a caramel based sauce. This was so good and the portion size was just perfect. Now If I would know how to make these doughnuts I would definitely give it a try.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as I have enjoyed sampling all this goodness.  If you have any recommendations of dishes I should have tried out in Bali or dishes I should try in the future please leave a comment.

Until next post friends!




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