GlamGlow Instamud 60 second pore-refining treatment Mask review

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Today’s post is on one of my favorite topics. Skincare! The last couple of years I am focusing more on the overall health of my skin. As I have noticed how important it is taking care of your skin!

Even though my skin is not too bad, I do notice that the sun has kissed this delicate part of my body too often leaving some sun spots as proof. Also somehow I have noticed that my pores seem bigger in my thirties than my twenties. Which overall is not the most flattering look when applying makeup. Realizing this it has become a priority taking good care of my skin.

So once upon time wandering in the skincare aisle of Douglas, I noticed a product that I did not see before from GlamGLow . The yellow packaging just seduced me to take a look at this product. Upon reading the words on the packaging ” Pore Refining, 60 seconds, and even skin ! I knew this product had to come home with me.

GlamGlow Insta Mud

The mask claims to give you refined pores, smooth, soft and even skin in 60 seconds. Amazing right! Application of the mask was very easy, you just have to apply a thick even layer on a clean face and let it sit for 60 seconds. In the meantime the mask foams up, giving you a slight tingly feeling. Afterwards you wash your face.

After the removal of the mask my face felt so soft and my complexion did look more even. I have not yet seen a massive reduction of pores but I will definitely keep on using this mask. The mask retails in the stores for 34,95 euro’s for 50 ml. Looking at the benefits provided I think I would repurchase this mask as my face feels fabulous after each use and the application is very easy and quick. Also this product is very convenient especially when you are short for time.

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