Thumbs Nails of the month : Essies Marshmallow

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle. As previously announced, I am going to post once a month a nail post. Thus renaming Thumbs nails of the week, to Thumbs nails of the month.  After that short announcement, lets get this post started.

This months nails  is all about Essies marshmallow polish.


O boy! I really, really dislike this polish. For me, this has not worked out. I really tried to make this polish work , however this polish is going on the list of shame. Please let me share with you why.

First of all this polish goes on really streaky thus this meant using layer, upon layer, upon layer of polish.  I just could not get it opaque. The horror. Let’s face it,  I just did not like the formulation of this polish.

Secondly I just did not feel the color white on my nails. This is personal, but I just did not like white on my nails. Which is bummer, because white nails look so good on other people, even in winter time. Maybe the only chance I have for this polish is summer time.

Eventhough this post consisted out of a lot of negative vibrations, I hope you enjoyed it none the less. If so please like and/ or subscribe.  And if you have any thoughts on this polish, please share.  Until next month for a new Thumbs nails of the month.



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