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I could not resist going to the KIKO store at Central station in Amsterdam when I was out and about a few weeks ago.  It  was my second time I was there and my experience of this brand is really good. The only product which for me was a let down was the beauty blender. But hey we cannot have everything I suppose .

This time I went for 6 beauty products. The original plan was to go for a highlighter but unfortunately they only sold highlighters in stick form. And that day I was not in the mood for a stick highlighter .  See how you can get suckered in when you go to KIKO. Not that it is bad. gegegge.  Anyway let me show you all the goodies I purchased:

Kiko Ever Lasting Colour lipliner in 415 a berry color.  Price 4.90 euro

Shade Fusion Trio Blush in 05  this is such a lovely soft blush and swirled together it is  a lovely mauve color. Price 10.90 euro

Power Pro Nail Laquer in 30  a stone/taupe color Price 4.90 euro

Power Pro Nail Laquer in28 a pink/ mauve color Price 4.90 euro

Gel effect Topcoat Price 4.90 euro

Beauty Games Face brush.This brush feels lovely soft and the stripling brush? is lovely and dense. I am going to see if I can use it for concealer blending. Also the great thing was that I could purchase it with 50 % discount. Yippie love a bargain. Price 7.90 euro

If you enjoyed this KIKO haul, you might like my previous KIKO haul. Click here if you want to read about that one.  Any recommendations of brands I need to try out?  Please leave a comment! And as always feel free to like or subscribe to Until the next post friends!



Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today, even though a little later than expected, Thumbs nails of the month! We have experienced quite a lot of sunshine these last 2 weeks, and this has showed in the way I have dressed and of course how  my nails have looked. Therefor I opted for a color that screamed spring/summer too me.

Rimmel has given this polish a very appropriate name, as when I look at my nails I visualize myself jetting of somewhere nice, beachy and  tropical. Let me share my overall thoughts on this polish

Thumbs up for:

  • Color – Such a perfect color for spring and summer.Very Neon pink in real life, on the photo it looks almost salmony.
  • Wear- This polish has stayed on for 4 days with minimal chipping. For me that is very rare.
  • Dries very quickly

Thumbs down:

  • Coverage- Goes on very streaky. Had to use 3 layers to even everything out.

What is your favorite spring polish? What would you recommend? For last months Thumbs nails click here. And as always if you enjoyed this post please like or subscribe!



Mini nail polish purge

Mini nail polish purge

Hello dear readers,

I thought it was about time to clean out some of my polishes which went off or which I absolutely dislike.  I always struggle with chucking things out, but whats the point to keep things which are expired or bluntly said crap. A question I always have is that I  never know where to deposit polish in. It cannot be good to chuck these in the regular garbage. Is it? If anyone has an answer to that one please let me know!

Time to get through this specific list.I will  write down what I think of these polishes and if I would recommend these polishes to you all or if I would repurchase these again. Looking at my list most of them are topcoats. O well c’est la vie!

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger base coat. This is a nice base coat from Rimmel. It has a nice brush and goes on very evenly. For sure I would repurchase this base coat and would for sure recommend.

Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Topcoat.  This is my second fave topcoat . Again this one is from  Rimmel. Yes I would repurchase this one. And it is a cheaper alternative to the Sally Hansen gel topcoat.

17 Nail Xtras strengthening base coat. I did not really like this base coat. This one did not go on evenly plus the brush was very tiny. Would not repurchase this one.

Essie No Chip ahead nail top coat. Very disappointed with this product.  You would think that Esssie  would bring out an outstanding topcoat. Boy I was wrong and would not recommend this one to you.

Herome W.I.C polish in color 13.  I wrote a little rant about this polish a year ago. Hells no I I would not repurchase this one for my life.

I hope you all liked this mini purge. Do you guys  purge your collections often? Please feel free to leave a comment. For my last nail related post click here. Until next time Friends!




Thumbs nails of the week ”Mint Candy Apple”

Thumbs nails of the week  ”Mint Candy Apple”

Hi everybody,

I am back with a new Thumbs nails of the week. Today I am sporting Essies Mint candy Apple. A lovely minty colour, perfect for summer.


I can understand why this polish is a cult favourite among bloggers. It is such a perfect colour for spring and summer.When I look at my nails they look so happy cheerful. I know that sounds stupid but it makes you feel happy when its raining and storming in summer!


I used  two coats to make this colour pop and sealed it in with a topcoat, to make it extra shiny.

For last weeks Thumbs nails click here. Once again thank you for reading this post and hope to see you back for next weeks Thumbs nails. Have a good week folks.

Xoxo Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week in Truffle Shuffle

Thumbs nails of the week in Truffle Shuffle

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I am finally back with a new Thumbs nails of the weeks. Yeeh for nail polish!

For this weeks nails I am sporting Sally Hansens ‘Truffle Shuffle’.


I really love the tan colour of this polish. This polish glides on the nails without any streaking. I used two thin coats of polish and topped the polish of with Sally Hansens gel topcoat.


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Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)