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I could not resist going to the KIKO store at Central station in Amsterdam when I was out and about a few weeks ago.  It  was my second time I was there and my experience of this brand is really good. The only product which for me was a let down was the beauty blender. But hey we cannot have everything I suppose .

This time I went for 6 beauty products. The original plan was to go for a highlighter but unfortunately they only sold highlighters in stick form. And that day I was not in the mood for a stick highlighter .  See how you can get suckered in when you go to KIKO. Not that it is bad. gegegge.  Anyway let me show you all the goodies I purchased:

Kiko Ever Lasting Colour lipliner in 415 a berry color.  Price 4.90 euro

Shade Fusion Trio Blush in 05  this is such a lovely soft blush and swirled together it is  a lovely mauve color. Price 10.90 euro

Power Pro Nail Laquer in 30  a stone/taupe color Price 4.90 euro

Power Pro Nail Laquer in28 a pink/ mauve color Price 4.90 euro

Gel effect Topcoat Price 4.90 euro

Beauty Games Face brush.This brush feels lovely soft and the stripling brush? is lovely and dense. I am going to see if I can use it for concealer blending. Also the great thing was that I could purchase it with 50 % discount. Yippie love a bargain. Price 7.90 euro

If you enjoyed this KIKO haul, you might like my previous KIKO haul. Click here if you want to read about that one.  Any recommendations of brands I need to try out?  Please leave a comment! And as always feel free to like or subscribe to Until the next post friends!



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