Mini nail polish purge

Hello dear readers,

I thought it was about time to clean out some of my polishes which went off or which I absolutely dislike.  I always struggle with chucking things out, but whats the point to keep things which are expired or bluntly said crap. A question I always have is that I  never know where to deposit polish in. It cannot be good to chuck these in the regular garbage. Is it? If anyone has an answer to that one please let me know!

Time to get through this specific list.I will  write down what I think of these polishes and if I would recommend these polishes to you all or if I would repurchase these again. Looking at my list most of them are topcoats. O well c’est la vie!

Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger base coat. This is a nice base coat from Rimmel. It has a nice brush and goes on very evenly. For sure I would repurchase this base coat and would for sure recommend.

Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Topcoat.  This is my second fave topcoat . Again this one is from  Rimmel. Yes I would repurchase this one. And it is a cheaper alternative to the Sally Hansen gel topcoat.

17 Nail Xtras strengthening base coat. I did not really like this base coat. This one did not go on evenly plus the brush was very tiny. Would not repurchase this one.

Essie No Chip ahead nail top coat. Very disappointed with this product.  You would think that Esssie  would bring out an outstanding topcoat. Boy I was wrong and would not recommend this one to you.

Herome W.I.C polish in color 13.  I wrote a little rant about this polish a year ago. Hells no I I would not repurchase this one for my life.

I hope you all liked this mini purge. Do you guys  purge your collections often? Please feel free to leave a comment. For my last nail related post click here. Until next time Friends!




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