Welcome MAC Brave

Hi friends,

Welcome back to my little space on the internet. Always a pleasure to see that people take the time to read my posts.  Anyway today I wanted to write about welcoming a new MAC lippy to my makeup collection.

I received this lippy very kindly from my sister as a little pick me up. I was browsing our local MAC counter in the Douglas and as they did not have a lot which was tickling my fancy , I opted for MAC brave. Although the lippy  ( MAC Retro)  that my sister picked up was pretty awesome too! So maybe nex time ! Heheh!

Anyway lets get back to MAC brave. Mac Brave is in my opinion a  blue toned pink, eventhough some say it is between a cool toned and a warm toned color. What I love about this color is that it is very wearable and glides on  the lips very nicely. The finish of this lipstick is satin.

All and all I am very happy to welcome this lipstick to my draw of lipsticks. What are your go to lippies from MAC? Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time friends!




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