Kiko Haul review hit and fails

Hi Friends,

I thought it would be good to give you a quick overview about items I would recommend to you all to buy from Kiko. I have to say what I bought in the Kiko haul was really, really good. Click here if your are interested to read about that haul. And if you want to see the swatches of the lipsticks click here. So lets gets started.



Lipsticks.   Very comfortable on the lips, smells good. Especially the matte lipstick is very nice.

The Campus Idol brush. This is very soft and dense and works like a charm for bronzer and powder.

Eyeshadow  Buttery shadow. The pigmentation is ok and it blends really nicely.


The Kiko Beauty Blender. This beauty blender is very hard, it is not very squeezable. It does make blending  makeup a little bit of a pain in the butt.

Do you have any Kiko faves to share? Please leave a comment. Until next post friends!




  1. I’ve never tried anything from Kiko, but it was a really great review! 😊

    1. Thanks. I am really impressed with the quality and price of these products

  2. I enjoy Kiko products too, their lipsticks are great! Sorry about the beauty blender not turning out as you hoped it would, nothing worse than a hard beauty blender eek. xxxxx

    1. Thanks for the comment! 😄 It is such a shame that the blender did not work out. Was hoping for a steal again for Kiko.



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