Kiko haul

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I am sharing my very first Kiko haul. Yeeh! I have never ventured into a Kiko store before , and last Wednesday after viewing a house and having a gorgeous  Chinese dinner, my sister and myself did some damage in the Kiko store at Amsterdam Central station.

I heard a lot of good things about the brand Kiko and I really had a lot of fun browsing through the store and the products are just dirt cheap! Curious about all the goodies I bought? Check it out below. The face brush I got from mys sister.

kiko bag

  •  Kiko High Pigment shadow in nr 12 ( A purpley brown color)
  • Kiko Smart Lipstick
  • Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick
  • Kiko Velvet Mat lipstick
  • Campus Idol face brush
  • Kiko make up blender
  • Kiko Nail laquer in 341 and 497


I hope you all liked this Kiko haul !  And if you want to see some more in dept reviews about the products I bought, please like or leave a  comment. Until next time!.




  1. KIKO is one of my favourite brands every! I really recommend trying their lip liners they are incredible! I’ve heard such good things about their lipstick, would love to see a review xx

    1. Thanks Caroline ☺ I wanted to pick up a liner Any recommendations for a color?
      I will plan a review on the lipsticks I got.


  2. Great haul ☺

    1. Thanks Amel! That means a lot ! Thank you for commenting !


  3. Need to try this line out!! Great post

    1. Tnx ! Still need to try out a lot of things as well


  4. These products look amazing!

    1. Yes the products look amazing and even at first touch they feel great. Xoxo

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