Thumbs nails of the month : KiKo Power Pro Nail Lacquer in 82

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

After some radio silence I am back with some nail loving.  Must say that my nails were sort of sad looking and it was time to jazz them up. All though some might say they are still a bit dull looking.  But I LOVE them !

The color 82  is a taupe grey color with a slight lilac undertone to it. Which I find very stunning of course.  I used the Essie first base, for my base coat followed by two layers of the nail lacquer in 82. I finished with the KiKo Gel effect top coat, which is very BOM .COM! FYI!

Thumbs up for:



Brush Size


Fast drying

Thumbs down for:

Design ( Brush is not attached to the lid . There is an extra lid to it. Why? Don’t ask me , still trying to figure this one out. )

Overall KiKo did very well with this polish. It is a beautiful color, has lovely  pigmentation to it  and  is easy to work  with. If all the polishes from KiKo are like this,then they have a winning product!

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Until next post friends!



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