Thumb’s nails of the month: W7 Wild Blue

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I should have posted this post several days ago, but some exciting things are currently happening in my life. So therefor blogging has been put on a bit of a hold.  However today I really wanted to post! This months nail polish is from the brand W7 and is called Wild Blue.

W7 is an affordable brand and they often sell products that tries to mimic high end brands.  In my opinion this polish look like a polish from the brand OPI. The way the bottle is designed and even the lid is very OPI.

As you might see from the photo’s, the color is a metallic cool blue which is mesmerizing. However I struggled a bit with the application of the polish. The brush is teeny tiny and you really have to apply 3 layers of the polish to make the color opaque.

My over all thoughts are the following

Thumbs up for

Price just 2,95 euro’s


Quick drying

Thumbs down for


Small Brush

Smell. Very strong polish smell. Not sure how to describe it.

I am still pondering about if I like this polish or not. It is not bad for the price and if you don’t mind layering 3 times then you might like it.  Again the color makes a lot up for the negatives mentioned!

I hope you all  liked this post!  For my last post click here. Until next post friends!



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