Thumbs Nails of the Month: Purple & Sparkly nails using ft Miss Sporty & OPI

Welcome to the first Thumbs Nails of the Month for 2017! And what a sparkly post it will be. To be honest this nail look  would have been perfect for New Years Eve. Grr why did I not think of that one before. Tough! I am a firm believer to wear whatever you want, when you want!

For this nail look I used the following:

Essie First Base Coat

Miss Sporty 556 a purple color

 OPI’s In True Stefani Fashion 

I started with a layer of the Essie First Base Coat followed by 2 layers of the purple polish. Boy did I struggle with applying this polish.  It really went on gloopy and thank god that result was covered up by the OPI polish. This is the first glitter polish that I ever tried which went on easily. Impressive claim no?

Overall I must say I love the outcome of this look. So if you like this look give it a try. And if you enjoyed these types of posts please like or subscribe.

Until next post friends!




  1. Hi Kim!
    I love your purple sparkly nails! I was just getting ready to do my nails today. Thanks for the inspiration!!! I hope you will have an amazing week!!!

    ❤ Alana

    1. Hi Alana,

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Great that I was able to provide some inspiration 😃. Hope you will have a nice week aswell


      1. Thanks Kim 🙂 xoxoxo

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