Thumbs May Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

May flew by due to all the fun activities that were in it. I only worked 2 days in May and then I flew to Bali, celebrated my birthday and returned to work all refreshed at the end of May.   All in all it was awesome!  What made it more awesome were the favorites during this month. Let me start sharing them.

Bali– I am sorry to write about Bali again,  but this was my absolute favorite for the Month of May. It was so relaxing and beautiful. The people were so nice, the food was lovely, the hotel was awesome, just awesome and I never experienced walking into the sea that was lovely and warm. Yep it is officially I am going back this year and will discover some more awesome places and sites. If you are curious about my trip to Bali, feel free to click on this link.

Birthday – Yes I cannot believe I turned 30! 30!  Even though I did not celebrate this in a big way this one does deserve an honorable mention. Believe it or not I have learned a lot this last year,and all I know what I really want is to take care of myself and be happy .It might sound very selfish but I want to be able to make myself happy and not rely on others to feed my self worth. I hope to write soon a blog post about what I did and what I got for my birthday

Coloring book  – To entertain myself during I bought a coloring book. Not that I needed much entertaining by the way!  But usually during the afternoons I would just color some items on a page. Even now I am reaching out to my coloring book. It does feel somehow very relaxing during the evenings to unwind.

Sophie Kinsela’s new novel My not so perfect life – I am a huge fan of Sophie Kinsela’s books. They contain a lot of humor and they are just an easy read.  If you have not read this book I highly recommend it.

Glam Glow Thirsty Mud – Yes this product is so worth the hype . I used it as a mask and it hydrates the skin so beautifully. This product is a lifesaver on the plane. I believe that is why my skin survived the 14 hr flight so well to Bali.

Loreal Paris Infallible Lip Paint Lacquer in 101 Gone with the Nude – It is a lovely nude liquid lipstick, which goes very well with MAC Velvet teddy lipstick in my opinion. I love how easy it is to apply to your lips.  Partially this is due to the applicator.  I would say application is more easier than a regular lipstick. The only thing which I am not to keen about is the smell of this lacquer  it is very floral.

Thirteen Reasons Why -Even though this series talks about a heavy topic I believe it is worth while to see or even read the book. It makes you really think about the consequences of  how your deeds and words can impact someones life.

Dresses– Yeeh I was able to wear dresses again during the month of May. Overall the month of May was warm. It is just a nice feeling tot get your legs out there and not have them feel all tied up and claustrophobic during this nice warm weather.

I hope that the month of May gave you also multiple favorites and that you had as much fun as I did during that month! If you did,please feel free to leave a comment letting us all know what your favorites were or if you had an awesome month as I did.

Until next post friends,



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