Thumbs Review: Karados Aloe Vera Mask Pack

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today it is time for another review,  and yep it is another sheet mask try out. Leave a comment if you like sheet masks!

I bought this Korean sheet mask in a drugstore in Bali,  and did not have the opportunity to test out this mask.  What did I think of this mask?


Thumbs up for

Price ( cannot remember the price but it was dirt cheap)

Smell ( Clean, Fresh Smell) 

Refreshing cool feeling

Softness of skin after use

Thumbs down for

Slight sticky feeling when soaking in skin

Mask did not fit fully my face 

Overall thoughts after use

This is such a great little mask for the price. I cannot remember the exact amount I paid but it was dirt cheap compared to some of my favorite sheet masks. Also the mask felt really cooling after application. So this would really be great when you are abroad in a warm country .  Very important to me is that my skin felt very soft once mask removed. I am definitely picking up this mask from the drugstore when I am back in Bali.  So yeah this mask I would def recommend!

I hope you all enjoyed this review. Please let me know what other brands of sheet masks are good. Curious about other mask try outs click here.

Until next post friends.



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