Thumbs June Favorites

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June faves

June has passed and gone and it is time for  Thumbs June Favorites. I must say June did not give me a lot of new faves , but the things I found were pretty sweet. Don’t get me wrong I am still loving a lot of the same things from last month. Such as  my Make up Revolution high lighter in golden lights and the Make up Revolution Bronzer Palette. So if you want to read  about Mays favorites click here. But for this month lets get this post started.


  • MAC Velvet Teddy – What can I say, it is just a beautiful nude color and you can just wear this color any time. Timeless and classic!


  • Pathe unlimited card –  If you like going to the cinema and you go often, then this  might be something for you ( just for Dutch peeps ) !   I pay 19 euros a month,  and pay 1.5o extra if I want to see the film in 3D . Since I subscribed to Pathe Unlimited I sometimes go 4 times a week to the Cinema. This card is such good value for money. Also you get 10%  discount on drinks and snacks in the cinema.
  • Film Me before you – Such a good film! It had a good story line  even though it was very  sad  at some times, but the film also contained  a lot of humor. I really want to read the book now. Anyone read the book?
  • Film Deadpool – If you like Marvel Comics, most likely you will like this one. This film was soooo funny. Maybe a little rude at some time but it suited the film. Also I thought the soundtrack was BOM !
  • Penny Dreadfull- Best season ever! Unfortunately and sadly the last season.  I sort of had the feeling how this show would end and I was correct. Still it was such a good season with such a good story line. I have already re-watched  several episode I just can’t get enough.  If you are interested you can view the trailer below.Trailer Penny Dreadful season 3


  • Dresses – I just have been into dresses lately. To be honest I look a lot better in dresses. My figure just looks better  in a dress. and it is summer now so it is nice to wear. Also I am incorporating a lot of bright color which makes my skin look more alive and not so deadly.

I hope you all liked this post.  For more updates follow me via Bloglovin or Twitter. And as always feel free leave to leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Thumbs June Favorites

  1. I loved the book for Me Before You! A group of us from work read it, then went to see it in the theatre 🙂 The book, in my opinion, is a lot better, but the movie was fantastic as well. As usual, the book just going more in-depth on certain topics, in relationships, and who the characters were. It’s seriously so great 🙂

    Dresses are so much fun! I love wearing them all year ’round, but it is really nice to have them in the summer – it’s so much cooler in the warm weather!


    1. Hey Erin,

      Thanks for your comment. I want to Read the book so much. Because I can imagine it will be way better. Afterwards I want to read the sequel I believe it is called after you?



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