Thumbs September favourites and one unfavourite

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies.

Today I am back with my favourites for the month of September. I must confess I did not have a lot of favourites, but in my opinion the favourites I had were worth it.


  • Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in 180 vintage pink.This is a lovely pink/purple colour. This lipstick glides on so easily and is very moisturizing. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the floral scent.


Left swatch Rimmel and right swatch MAC
  • MAC Faux lipstick. I am still showing a lot off love for this lipstick. Again a pink toned lipstick I can’t help it. The formulation is so lovely and creamy  and my lips feel so good when wearing this lipstick.



  • Pupa baby doll blush in 105. I am really surprised that I have not heard a lot about this blush or brand. This blush is so pigmented and creamy/buttery . The colour I use is a mauve colour and just looks beautiful on the skin. Also I give a huge Thumbs up for the packaging such a cute compact and it has a tiny mirror.


  • Victor & Rolf Bon Bon perfume. As we were changing seasons I just grabbed my Victor&Rolf  again. It just a lovely , sexy smell maybe a little heavy wearing during the day but I don’t care!


  • Sanex  Dermo Natural wheat germ oil& Vitamin E shower gel. I have sensitive skin and I usually keep my shower gels very neutral. This shower gel is very clean smelling and it is jus an alternative to the regular soapy smells Sanex offers. Which FYI I do love



  • Nivea shower body moisuriser in honey. I thought this product would be brilliant, No more using a moisuriser after the shower but no. I feel disappointed with this product. When using this in the shower, it does not feel like it smoothed or nourished my skin. Also it did not smell like honey. To me it smelled chemically. So definitely no repurchase for me.

Writing about my last unfavourite concludes my September favourites.For my last  post click here and if you want to get updates on my posts please subscribe to or follow me via BlogLovin



6 thoughts on “Thumbs September favourites and one unfavourite

  1. I completely agree with you about the nivea in shower moisturiser, it was a complete let down. I really enjoyed this post and the lip sticks look gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing xxx

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