Thumbs, nails of the week Rimmel style

Hi everybody,

I am back with a new blog post. Thumbs nails of the week. In this post I will be sharing the nail polish I have chosen to wear for this week.

This week t’s all about Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Polish in Caramel Cupcake(500).


Can I just say, I love this colour. This is a beautiful nude colour and has a browny/pinky glow to it. This is a very gorgeous and very sophisticated polish and  I would wear  this sort of polish for a job interview or going to an elegant event, like a wedding perhaps. As the name states it has a shiny look to it so I don’t think I would need a top coat for this polish.

This is the first time I am wearing this polish so I can’t give an opinion about it’s wear .
All I can say I am in love  with the look and feel of this polish. I am hoping that this polish will end up in one of my monthly favourites.


Are there any polishes you guys love or would recommend? Let me know via the comments. If you like this blog please like.


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

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