L’oreal Haul

My dear dear readers,

I am back again with a tiny haul. Two weeks ago I accidentally popped into Etos (lol). I should really stop popping in to Etos. Especially when they have good offers like buy 1 get 1 free. This time I was seduced by the wonders of L’oreal. In Holland this brand is quite expensive for drugstore so I gladly took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 free offer.So lets see what kind of marvelous stuff I purchased from L’oreal

  • L’oreal infaliable 24 hour matte  foundation in colour Vanilla


  • L’oreal infailable powder in colour Vanilla


  • L’roreal Lumi Magique in Porcelain Rose


  • L’oreal Caresse lipstick in Nude Ingenue (501)


  • Loreal Caresse lipstick in Dating Coral (301)


  • L’oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/Dark


Check out the swatches of the foundations and lipsticks

The left swatch shows Nude Ingenue The right swatch shows Dating Coral
The left swatch shows the L’oreal Lumi Magique foundation in Porcelaine Rose The right swatch shows the L’oreal Infaillible 24 Matte foundation in Vanilla

After trying these items several times, I just have to say this little haul was successful. My  favourite items being the L’oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. For me this foundation is full coverage and the colour matches me perfectly. Although the swatch above does not show it. The powder compliments this foundation perfectly. Totally recommend them together. What I notice when using this foundation it dries really quickly and its not suitable for people with dry skin. And if you do have dry skin and you want to use this foundation, moisturize your face like crazy.

The other love affair I started is with the L’oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/Dark It really tames my wild brows. The only product that made me go mreh was the L’oreal Lumi Magique foundation. It did not work for me the first time I used the foundation, plus the colour was a little to dark for me. But I will give this product a shot. Otherwise I might give this foundation a shot for the summer.

Once again I should  avoid temptation and stay clear of these types of stores. Once again thank you for dropping by at Thumbelinaslifestyle. I really appreciate it. If you want to read my last haul, click here Please let me know if you have any requests to write about and if you liked this blog please like and share your thoughts on this blog.


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

P.S I just want to say thank you to all my subbies and new subbies. You have know idea how much I appreciate your subscription. Even though Thumbelina’s lifestyle is still very tiny compared to a lot of blogs, I am just so grateful to all who took time to check out my blog and subscribed to it.

4 thoughts on “L’oreal Haul

    1. I do admit that’s there is a lot of hype about this foundation. And I must admit that was one of the reasons I wanted to check this out. I mostly go for a dewy look myself however I did get a lot of good feedback when wearing this foundation . If you think this is not a product for you go with what your gut says. I am all for saving money and going for what ever your heart tells you. Xoxo Kim

      1. Yes the finish is really matte. I havn’t tried it with my MAC strobe cream yet. Something like that might take the matte out of the product. Must try that option myself. Xoxo Kim

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