3 Months of Thumbs empties

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

First of all Happy new year! I am wishing you guys all the best for 2016.

To start of the year all shiny and new, I am kicking the new year of with an empties post. So wow, I have not written one of these post in a long time and I thought it was about time to share some empties. Plus to be honest, I need to clean out some of this stuff. Just trying to keep it clean for 2016!

Well lets get through these empties and see what I would repurchase!




  • Badedas/Radox bodywash Grapefruit and Basil . Definitely repurchase, this smells so good and is a good replacement for my Soap and Glory. It is not fully the same but has the citrus smell to it.
  • Vaseline Petro Jelly. Yes I would repurchase this.It helps my lips through to recover during the winter.
  • Vaseline Intensive care spray moisturiser . I would not repurchase this one because I love the regular Vaseline more.
  • Sanex dermo natural wheat germ oil& Vitamin E. Yes would repurchase  because it is good for my skin and is a nice change to my regular Sanex. Hey what can I say, I love my Sanex.




  • Andrelon dry shampoo the Volume one. I would not repurchase this again. Did not work for me.
  • Schwarzkopf every day shampoo. This was not a shampoo for me. I am always in for affordable shampoo but this one knotted my hair. Conclusion no repurchase for me.
  • John Frieda collection brilliant brunette conditioner . I would repurchase  this conditioner it makes my hair nice and smooth.




  • Garnier Micellair water. I already repurchased this. This product works great for me.
  • Superdrug Tea tree Foaming Facial wash. Repurchased this one too.
  • Etos hydrating night cream. Will not repurchase this one. Noticed that this one was not working for me anymore and switched to the Loreal night cream.
  • Superdrug Tea tree oil. I have repurchased this one over and over.



  • Etos toothpaste in coolmint. Good affordable toothpaste and works well. Yess would definitely repurchase this.
  • Rexona/Sure deodorant. My fave deodorant and planning to repurchase this one soon as I am running out.



  • Maxfactor Falsh lash effect Mascara. This is my favorite mascara for some time now so yes I need to repurchase this one.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Hope to see you back soon to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com. Have a nice day guys.



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