Thumbs March Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back for another Thumbs favorite!. After nearly 2 weeks radio silence I am back. I don’t know what was going on. Maybe the transition from winter weather to spring. I just felt so tired,blah. Anyhow I feel a lot more rejuvenated and as it is the end of the month, I wanted to share some favorites for the month of March.

  • Etos Blush in 005 Wild Sunset. This is a highly pigmented coraly  blush from the drugstore Etos. It give such a nice glow to the cheeks
  • Sudo Creme. I really had a bad rash on my stomach area and this helped reduce it a lot.
  • Anastasia brow definer.  Such a good brow product. It makes my brows look so good and  polished. How does Anastasia do it?
  • Kiko Campus Idol face brush . I really needed a good powder brush and this brush which I got from my sister does the job.  It is lovely dense , soft and covers the face quickly. Also the price for the brush is really good for the quality you get. I believe we paid 13 euros because it was on offer.

I hope you all liked this very short March favorites. For my last favorite click here.  Until the next post. Have a good one guys.



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