24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun (Day 10, 11 and 12)

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Due to being struck by a lovely cold, I have combined 3 days of Advent Calendar Fun. Today it is official and we are through half of the unboxing of the calendars. 12 More days till Christmas!  After these last 12 days I must say that the Body Shop Calendar  is winning for preference however there are some winners in the HEMA Calendar aswell.  Anyhow enough talk and let’s get through our goodies.

Body Shop

Day 10

Strawberry Lipbutter -Hmmm I already love the strawberry Body Butter so this will go down a treat

Day 11

Vanila Chai Softening Body Lotion- Smells lovely, don’t smell the chai though. Plus would not have mind if the vanila would come through a bit more.

Day 12

Eye Definer in black-  I have not used an eyeliner in a long time but this one does feel very creamy.


Day 10

 Gold Charm Bracelet- I really like the organic pattern of the charm bracelet

Day 11

 Golden snow flake earrings-Totally cute to wear for Christmas Day.

Day 12

Silver Clover earrings-Hmmm am I starting to describe everything as clover earrings. But to me they look like clovers.

Another interesting set of goodies collected for these last three days. Let see what the last twelve days have in store for us. Hope you all enjoyed this  post.

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Until next post friend!



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