Etos Haarlem Station mini Haul

Hello Friends,

So I was bored and I was not feeling to well, so what do you do ? You end up spending money. Seriously! Not that I do not enjoy this , but saving up for a deposit for a house is expensive. Dang it people.   But once in a while you bump into a great offer and your like sh*****t that is a good deal!  And then you say  bye bye savings.  Ok it was not that much money, just like the drama gegegge.

So the good deal which I found  was buy 1 get 1 free for L’Oreal. Usually L’Oreal is one of the most expensive products for the drugstore in the Netherlands. Because of this I  could not resist picking up two  L’Oreal Brow artist Plumpers and the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil for the face and L’Oreal Extraordinary Mask cream . Also when I was checking out, I noticed a giant 100 ml bottle of Heat from Beyonce only for 15 euros!  Which I find is an absolute steal. I think this smells so good and dare I say it , smells sexy?

All and all, I hope you liked this little haul. If you like these types of posts, please feel free to hit that subscribe button. Until next post friends and have a good weekend!



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