Thumbs, nails of the week Essie

My dear dear readers,

This week I am back again with Thumbs nails of the week. It seemed that several readers really liked the last installment of Thumbs nails so I will continue writing this blog series

So this time I am sharing another nude polish.This time it’s Essie’s Sand Tropez. I am sorry but I am just a big sucker for nudes. I had an important meeting this week so I did not want to be all in your face with the nails.

I have to admit this polish was similar to last weeks polish, only this is a lot more gray toned. Essie polishes offer good coverage and I used two layers of polish for this look. Can I also say I love the names Essie gives their polishes. They definetly get the award for cute names☺. The only downside I have  with this polish is the drying time compared to the Rimmel 60 scnds polish. If you want to read last weeks Thumbs nails of the week click here.






I hope you all enjoyed this little blog. And please share your nails of the week, with all of us:D. If you like these types of blogs please like or subscribe.

Untill the next time my dear readers☺.


Kim  (Tiny Thumbelina)


  1. love love love this colour! I have a small stand of Essie nail polishes in my local makeup shop but sadly they dont sell this shade 😦

    1. Aww that is a shame you can’t get hold of this polish😢. Maybe that they stock this polish online?
      Can I just say thank you for commenting.


      Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

      1. no problem at all hunny 🙂 would love it if you took a look at my recent post I wrote today 🙂 would be much appreciated x

      2. Ofcourse I will check out your blog 😃. No problem. Already had a sneeky pic.

      3. aw thank you so much lovely xxx

      4. Just subbed to your blog. It really looks lovely.


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