Thumbs review: Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio- Cellulose Second Skin Lip Mask

Thumbs review: Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio- Cellulose Second Skin Lip Mask

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Pfiew have you survived reading that title huh? I know it is a long one but today it is review time. And yep I got tempted by the Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Bio- Cellulose  Second Skin Lip Mask. Another Starskin product again! I love the products from Starskin and my sister generously bought me this lip mask.  The mask costs  9.95 euro’s.

The mask claims after 15 minutes , to leave your lips hydrated , visibly plumped and lessens fine lines on the lips

Instructions are very simple Remove any form of makeup and apply on clear clean skin. Afterward distribute the gel in the sachet evenly.  Then the big moment is there and you open the sachet and remove the outer layers from the mask and you place the mask on your lips. Leave on your lips for 15 min and remove afterwards. They say to use this as a primer before a lipstick or a lip gloss.

When I applied the mask it did feel tingly in the beginning, but that sensation left quite quick. Starskin did mention on the packaging this could happen.

Thumbs up for:

Amount of product 2 sachets containing one usage each

Clear instructions on packaging and extra booklet of

Smell very clean smelling

Cute packaging  the pink and those lips on there

Plumps up lips and lips look more full and juicy less lines visible

Soft lips

Thumb down for:

Application. Does not go on easily as it is very slippery and is not easy to place smoothly on lips

Holy sweet  …..multiple curse words  later! This product works!  I really see the difference before application of the product and after.  Check out the before and after photo’s below! Left before, right after. You can see more lines on the left than the right. Plus my lips looks more plump on the right and feel absolutely hydrated.

I would say that this mask would be extra fun to use when going to a party. Say hello to juicy lips!! So delightful! I would def ,def, definitely recommend !

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Thumbs review: Van der Hoog Glitter Glow Mask

Thumbs review: Van der Hoog Glitter Glow Mask

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

After a week abandonment, I am back with another blog post. I thought it was about time for some facial pampering and I recently purchased Dr Van der Hoog Glitter Glow masque. This is a peel of masque and should remove any dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and fresh.

Instructions are very simple , apply a thin layer to the skin leaving the eye area clear. Leave it on your skin for 15-20 min and peel off. Cleanse afterwards with lukewarm water.

After opening one of the packages , the gel comes out like a blue clear gel. It feels very sticky. Not sure how I feel about this! The gel dries  very clear.

Overall thoughts on the product: 

Thumbs up for:

Price – €1.89  and 2 masques for the price of one!

Thumbs down for:

Smell- To me it smells like some bad male cologne.

Does not peel off easily- I need to sort of rub my face to get a piece of mask to peel off.

Texture- Very sticky/ gloopy

All in all, I would not want to repurchase this masque again. My face did feel soft after use but I did not like the uneasiness of peeling of the masque. Proves I really love my face sheet masks.

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Thumbs Empties

Thumbs Empties

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I have been collecting these last 3 months all my empties and I thought it is about time to share what I have been using up these months. Especially this last month  I have been finishing a lot of products.  Curious about what I have been finishing keep on reading.


Sanicur Dermo Oil Shower Gel

Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub

Prodent freshgel toothpaste

Etos coolmint toothpaste

Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume


Batiste Drys hampoo Blush

Garnier Loving Blends Recovering Shampoo

L’oreal Elvive color vive conditoner


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara

The Body Shop Super Volume mascara

Etos Brightening concealer

Etos Eyeliner stift

Etos Mega Volume mascara

L’oreal Brow Plumper


Garnier mini Micellar Cleansing Water

Etos Cotton pads

L’oreal Extraordinary Oil  daycream

L’oreal  Extraordinary oil  night cream

Vaseline Petro Jelly

Trekpleister cleansing gel

Nivea in shower moisturiser

Things I would repurchase after first empties are the following: 

Garnier Loving Blend Shampoo,  L’oreal Extraordinary Oil daycream, L’oreal Extraordinary oil night cream !

Things I would definitely would not repurchase after first empties are the following:

Etos Brightening concealer, Etos Volume mascara and the Nivea in shower moisturiser .

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Thumbs review: Loreal oil Loreal

Thumbs review: Loreal oil Loreal

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

What the heck is going on with my skin? That was what I was thinking 2 months ago about my skin. It was dry and quite reddish. Not that cute I would say.  Therefor I was looking for some different skincare to use.

So one day I heard my supervisor telling that she uses oil on her face.  I cannot remember if this was bio oil.  But to be honest her skin looks beautiful. Therefore my brain was thinking, hey Kim you need some oil for your skin too!. So I browsed the web and decided to get these products. The L’oreal Extraordinary oil day and night cream.

The day cream does not feel that oily but at first touch but it does feel lovely moisturizing. I usually put 3 dots on my face and that usually does the trick. The day cream gives good moisture to the face and I feel that it feeds my skin all day.

The night cream can be used in two ways,  as a night cream or as a face mask. The second option I have not tried out yet, but maybe I should. Anything which does not make my face look like a pile of lifeless crap is a plus point for me. The same rule I apply for this cream, 3 dots on my cleansed face and rub it in. The cream feels very relaxing and after a nights rest I can feel that the cream has done its magic, as my skin feels plump.

The only thing I personally don’t like about these creams is the lavender smell . Lavender can give me headaches but thank god the smell does not linger . So I don’t go in with my nose.  Bus as my skin has improved I take this minus for granted as my skin looks a lot better.

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Thumbs review: Starskin smoothing Bio-Cellulose second skin eye masks

Thumbs review: Starskin smoothing Bio-Cellulose second skin eye masks

Hello everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

And we are back again! Today with a review on one of my favorite brands Starskin, I was in Douglas browsing the store and I was yeeh they sell Starskin. And lo and behold  a new product which I did not see before. They were eye masks!  Not that they were new from the brand but they were new to me.

The mask claims to

  • Immediate brighten the skin around you eyes
  • Reduces fine lines and dark shadows around your eyes.

Claims to  give the skin around you reduce fine lines and dark shadows

Photo’s left to right Without mask and with the Starskin Second Skin Eye Mask . Unfortunately I deleted the original after mask image. Grrr. How stupid am I and yes I need to do my brows.

Overall thoughts on these eye masks

Thumbs up for the following:

  • You get 2 sets of eye masks
  • Nice relaxing moment for yourself  ( feels calming on the skin)
  • Under eye area feels lovely and smooth and plump

Thumbs down for the following:

  • Personally I did not immediately see any lessening of lines. Maybe after multiple uses?  I have one more left so will give it another go.

I hope I don’t bore you all with these Starksin posts. Overall I love this brand. If your curious about the other posts I wrote about Starskin click here and here.   Please leave me a comment or follow me via or hit that lovely BlogLovin button. Until next post friends!





Thumbs Sample testing: Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse

Thumbs Sample testing: Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I thought it would be fun to write a post about one of the samples I received when I purchased the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter . If you all like this post,  maybe this could be a new sort of series on Thumbelinaslifestyle. So be sure to leave a comment if you liked this  one.

So I received the sample Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse from the brand Natura Bisse Barcelona. I have never heard of this brand before, but the packaging sort of screams luxury brand too me. When I check out their website , at first impression they seem to be focused on skincare in the higher segment of the market.

nattura.PNGAs this sample is today’s post star ,lets get through my experience with this bad boy!

Firstly I was impressed by how much product came out of this little sample pack. Usually when I see such a sample, I am like forget it there will be no product in it.  Secondly the texture to me felt weird. It felt thick and to me it resembled like Vicks Vaporub, the stuff you rub on your chest when you have a horrible cold or flu. However on the outer package it ” states to be a rich cleansing micro emulsion” maybe rich equals thick? Furthermore it smelled quite organic (which in my weird world means , it smell like planty stuff ) it was not horrible but it was not making me want to put on more product on the face.

You apply this cleanser on dry hand palms and you rub this over your face and chest. Afterwards you moisten your hands and massage the product into  the skin. Afterwards cleanse with water or with Natura Bisse cleansing sponges, which of course I did not have.

My first thoughts about this sample are that I  would not want to purchase this. I did not really like the application method. Eventhough it left my skin smooth and soft, it left this temporary weird red mark on my face. It was not big but I have not seen my skin respond to cleanser like that. Maybe I was allergic to it a bit. Unfortunately this sample was not a success for me, but who knows it could be for you.

And finishing with those wise words of wisdom ( errrrmmmm) concludes this post.Please let me know what you think of this what you think about this concept.Until next time friends.



Etos Haarlem Station mini Haul

Etos Haarlem Station mini Haul

Hello Friends,

So I was bored and I was not feeling to well, so what do you do ? You end up spending money. Seriously! Not that I do not enjoy this , but saving up for a deposit for a house is expensive. Dang it people.   But once in a while you bump into a great offer and your like sh*****t that is a good deal!  And then you say  bye bye savings.  Ok it was not that much money, just like the drama gegegge.

So the good deal which I found  was buy 1 get 1 free for L’Oreal. Usually L’Oreal is one of the most expensive products for the drugstore in the Netherlands. Because of this I  could not resist picking up two  L’Oreal Brow artist Plumpers and the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil for the face and L’Oreal Extraordinary Mask cream . Also when I was checking out, I noticed a giant 100 ml bottle of Heat from Beyonce only for 15 euros!  Which I find is an absolute steal. I think this smells so good and dare I say it , smells sexy?

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Thumbs February Favorites


Hi everybody, dear reader and loyal subbies,

It is the  end of the month, and  therefore it is time for a  favorites post. So let me share with you all what I have been enjoying for the month of February .



  • MAC Velvet Teddy. Yes this has been my go to lippie for the month. It looks so pretty on the lips  with a lot of  make up looks and outfits.
  • Soap and Glory  Thick &  Fast Mascara. Nice and lengthening Mascara and great improvement compared to the disastrous Etos mascara’s. This saved my eye lashes when I had no descent mascara in my draws.
  •  Mac Face and Body Foundation. Just a nice foundation to wear when you feel like you need a little bit coverage but you don’t want something light weigth.


  • Soap and Glory the Scrub of my Life. Such a nice scrub for the body and this foams up so nicely in the shower.
  • Soap and Glory Heal Genius. To be honest my feet have been looking like crap lately and this foot cream has hugely improved the status of my feet.
  • Sanicure oil intense. Just lovely moisturizing on the body  and very clean smelling as to be expected from Sanicur.


  • Vietnamese spring Rolls.

So tasty!  Yet so healthy!  The perfect combination. You can make so many tasty combinations, fish, vegetables probably even  meat. I have not tried that yet. If you want to see a post on the rolls , leave a comment.


So the below shows have been my guilty pleasures for the month of February:

  • Gossip Girl
  • The Voice UK

I have been hung up on Gossip girl and I just have to see the Voice UK every Saturday. My personal fave Kevin Simm and Rachel Ann. Will be rooting for them.

So that was it for this months favorites. If you like these kind of posts please like or subscribe and I hope to see you back soon!. Until next time.



Starskin Calming Bio Celulose Second Skin Facial Mask

Starskin Calming Bio Celulose Second Skin Facial Mask

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I was in the mood to have a nice relaxing day . So I wanted to use a facial mask. As I still had the Starskin Calming Bio Celulose Seccond skin Facial mask in my cupboard, I opted for this one. You might remember I did review  a couple of weeks ago about this brand. Interested? Click here to read it

To be honest I did not like this mask as much as the last one. However this masks works very calming and soothing . For an extra chill effect, Starskin suggests to refrigerate this mask for 10 minutes .

Do you have any recommendations on nice facial masks. Thank you all for reading this post. Until next time guys.




Thumbs review : Pilaten Black Head Ex Pore Strip

Thumbs review : Pilaten Black Head Ex Pore Strip

Hi everybody dear readers and loyal subbies,

One of my goals for this year is to get better, more healthy skin. Which will lead to less picking of the face . I have been suffering from clogged pores round my nose and those nasty white heads. So I  was really looking for a product that would reduce the clogged pores. Thus I purchased  the Pilaten Black head pore strip. This product claims to reduce clogged pores, zits , white heads and impurities, leaving your skin clean and soft.

I purchased a five pack of the Black Head Ex Pore Strip from , but I saw you could purchase this Chinese brand from To be honest I have never heard of this brand but I am hoping this product will work out for my skin. These five pore strips come in a very simple box., which does not make you want the product. I do like the design of the little black sachet .

As the instruction on the back of the sachet is in Chinese , I need to use the instructions provided in the box. As I am not a native speaker from China, I thought I had to find the instructions on the website. Which  would not be very user friendly.

Another surprise was the following:

I thought this would be a nose strip however the product is a mask.  Pilaten, I think it is time to change the name , as it is confusing. Also my understanding is, that you can use this mask all over the face not just the nose.

Before I used this mask I cleansed my face so this would do its magic. My first impression is that the mask is very runny yet thick. So runny that I spilled this on my sofa. I do advise not to use this on a sofa. Obvious I know, but somehow my brain at that time did not register that one. When putting this mask around my nose I looked like a Koala bear.

The mask feels semi refreshing and after 10 minutes you can feel the mask drying and tighten.  Maybe I was hallucinating, but around the 10 min mark it did look  like the mask was extracting gunk out of my nose. Very exciting.

It is advised to keep the mask on approx 30 minutes. When taking of the mask, it feels like taking a bandage off your nose, this  is not a plus  point for this product. The brand does warn you for this if you have baby hairs that you need to be careful taking the mask off.

After use, I do notice that my nose feels extremely soft. I did not find any white head residue on the mask. So I don’t know if this was because I did not have a lot of  gunk left in my pores.  I am going to give it another trial as I am still undecided about this product.

I hope you all like this skincare post. Please share any thoughts you might have on this product. If you have any good suggestions removing clogged pores/whiteheads  please let me know. Until next time guys.